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The RioSteam is a portable flue gas device that faultlessly finds leaks. It can be used for all drains and sewers of whatever diameter. The RioSteam is also used for controlling air streams in ventilating flues and vent lines and to control the density of chimneys. The RioSteam is very reliable, solidly built and also operator/service friendly. The tank for the liquid, which can often be a vulnerable part of this type of machine, has been designed to reduce the risk of damage.

Mains voltage 230 V - 50Hz
Max power 1100W
Fluid reservoir 1,3 litre
Air displacement Max. 250 m3/hour
Hose 3 metre flexible hose 75mm
Connection Storz coupling NOK 81
Dimensions (lxwxh) 460 x 220 x 370 mm
Weight 13 kg
Inspection Detection EN 2024 Inspection Detection EN 2024 (PDF, 6.849 MB)