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Our aims

Already in 2019, we introduced the first all-electric machine for cleaning and unblocking sewers. With this machine, Rioned is paving the way for further innovation in the sector. But our sustainability goals do not stop with the production of electric machines.

Rioned’s sustainability commitments align with the ’17 Sustainable Development Goals’ charter issued by the United Nations, which aims to make cities more sustainable, improve renewable energy consumption and production, and combat the effects of climate change. Where possible, we work according to these guidelines, with steps taken to reduce or reuse waste, decrease energy and water consumption, and limit the CO2 emissions released by our machines.

To help achieve our goal of becoming a climate-neutral company by 2030, we have set out our Sustainability Charter below, outlining the key business considerations that we ask our customers, partners and service agents to reflect through their work with us.


Reducing carbon emissions

Alongside the Stage V regulations established to regulate the particulate matter emitted from mobile machinery, an increasing number of cities across Europe are introducing stringent measures to ban polluting vehicles. In some cities, diesel vehicles and equipment are no longer welcome, with an increasing number of Low and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones (LEZ and ULEZ) implemented across urban Europe. As part of this, several European cities have committed to banning all but electric vehicles from city centres by 2025.

Despite regulations for mobile machines lagging behind those for standard commercial vehicles, stricter regulations are expected to be introduced soon. Many businesses now recognise the environmental and reputational significance of greener operations, and the first diesel-free construction sites are now a fact.

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Energy-efficiency measures

Our commitment to sustainable practices applies not only to the development of new machinery but also to the day-to-day activities at our Netherlands HQ and global facilities.

In the production halls in Tilburg, the old lighting has been replaced for an energy-efficient alternative and an ingenious air circulation system significantly reduces energy requirements. Other measures include the installation of semi-automatic doors to reduce heat loss. 

An important step is also the collection of water used during the testing of our machines. Waste is disposed of in 17 streams for reuse. A start has been made on electrification of the vehicle fleet and circularity plays an increasingly important role in the use of components. A next step towards an emission-free future is the use of 100% green energy

The electrification of our nationwide fleet of vehicles has also started, as we aim to reduce our fuel consumption and our overall carbon footprint. The next step towards an emissions-free future at Rioned will be the use of 100% green energy.

The industry has set itself the ambitious goal of developing machines that are emission-free, sustainably produced, and safe to use.

Urbanisation, climate change and extreme weather conditions are putting increased pressure on sewer networks worldwide. Investment, maintenance and innovation are essential to ensure that these networks continue to protect us from flooding and disease.

The changing world and the sewer network

Equipment manufacturers are focused on developing intelligent machines that are easier to operate, connect to and maintain. Increased connectivity offers the opportunity to improve the way that engineers communicate, monitor and report from the workplace. This coupled with the advent of smart drains that monitor flows, blockages and contaminants will undoubtedly bring about a change in working practices and reduce the environmental impact of sewer cleaning processes.

In recent years there has been an industry-wide switch towards single-person operations and single-resolution visits, with modern, energy-efficient jetting and suction machines playing an indispensable role. The industry has set itself the ambitious goal of developing machines that are emission-free, sustainably produced, and safe to use. The first steps have now been taken toward creating a greener footprint for the generation of tomorrow.

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E City Jet operation ready

Electric sewer cleaning machines

The industry is gradually shifting towards electric-powered machines and Rioned is proud to be at the vanguard of this change. In 2019, we were the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a fully electric jetting machine for unblocking sewers.

Powered by an extremely efficient battery pack, the eCityJet is completely emission-free, saving up to three tons of CO2 emissions per machine annually. Already in use across many cities across Europe, the jetter is almost silent in operation, making it ideal for use in built-up areas at night. It also has a significant advantage over diesel machines when working in confined spaces, such as parking garages, where exhaust fumes and lack of ventilation can be an issue.

The recent introduction of electric vans with increased range, such as the new MB eVito, has been a breakthrough for the eCityJet, with the combination of electric jetter and van enabling zero-emission drainage operations for the first time. An additional advantage of an electric machine is lower operational costs, with annual maintenance costs reduced by more than 40% and lower running costs.

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Health, safety and well-being

Part of the sustainability programme is concern for equality and the welfare of employees and relations. Rioned is part of the Heico Companies a company with more than 9,000 employees in 70 companies. Core values of the company are integrity, hard work and safety.

The comprehensive Code of Conduct ensures equal opportunities, fair business practices and the safety of employees and customers.  Instructional films, eBooks and materials are offered to our customers to make sewer workers aware of potential hazards in and around the workplace.

We are also committed to ensuring the safety of our customers throughout every stage of the equipment lifecycle. Rioned’s new global #WorkSafe campaign has been created to provide contractors and engineers with essential health and safety advice and resources to encourage safer operations.