CompactCam XL

CompactCam XL

  • Operating range up to 125 mm
  • Cable length 30 meters
  • Camera head diameter 18 mm

The CompactCam XL is the CompactCam's big brother. This camera system is the perfect solution for inspecting drains and sewer pipes from 15 to 125 mm in diameter.

Operating range 15 to 125 mm
Cable length 30 m
Camera head 18 mm
Built in transmitter 33 kHz, 512 Hz and 640 Hz
Data storage and transfer USB or SD-card
Meter counter Digital integrated meter counter
Screen 7" screen
Weight 7 kg
Data storage and transfer Wi-Fi module
Compactcam XL in badkamer

About the CompactCam XL

The robust housing of this sewer camera is equipped with a 7" anti-reflection screen, giving you optimal visibility even in bright sunlight and keeping the screen easy to read. In addition, the CompactCam XL features a high-resolution colour camera with a diameter of 18 mm.

With the 30-metre flexible cable and built-in sonde, you can visually map hard-to-reach areas with ease and locate blockages and damages easily and accurately. The built-in battery has enough capacity for a full working day. The camera lasts as long as 5 hours continuously.

The optional Wi-Fi module, combined with the accompanying app, allows you to stream images to any iOS or Android device. In the app, you can then add comments to recording video's and photo's. The camera also has a video-out jack and you can transfer data quickly and easily via a USB cable or an SD card.