SKU: 16043001000
  • Suitable for pipes in bathroom or kitchen
  • Complete with display, meter counter, built-in transmitter and guide
  • Work up to 7 hours with the integrated battery or connect to the mains
  • Micro SD card for videos and images
The CompactCam is a professional camera system for the inspection of kitchen and bathroom pipes. The 15-metre long push cable is very flexible and can easily take sharp bends. The integrated 5” monitor gives a clear image of the situation in the pipe, under all circumstances. Videos and images are stored on the Micro-SD card, but can also be sent directly to a smartphone. To do this, an optionally available WiFi module is required.



The CompactCam is easy to transport and weighs only 3 kg. The storage drum of the flexible push cable is made of high-quality, robust synthetic material. The fixed camera head has a diameter of 13 mm, for use in 15 mm pipes. The system is equipped with a meter counter. The built-in transmitter makes locating problems easy. A guide for larger drains is also part of the standard equipment. The camera head is controlled with the integrated keypad.


The camera head has 12 LED lights that are steplessly adjustable for a clear picture in all conditions. The monitor has an anti-glare display. Sapphire glass protects the camera from being damaged or scratched. The integrated battery is good for 5 to 7 operating hours. In addition, the camera can also be operated on the mains.

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Product Specifications
Camerahead axial, diameter 13 mm
Diameter pipe 15 - 80 mm
Spring length 15 mètres
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