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SKU: 16060100000
  • Application range 50 to 400 mm
  • Cable length 60 to 80 meters
  • Camera head diameter 45

The FiberCam is a robust, modular camera system for inspection of pipes with Ø 50 to 400 mm.

Operating range 50 to 400 mm
Cable length Standard: 60 m
Pressure resistant 20 bar
Data storage and transfer MSE-100 - Integrated MPEG-4 recorder with snapshot function (BMP) BNC video input and output
Data storage and transfer MSE-300 - Integrated MPEG-4 recorder with snapshot function (BMP) BNC video input and output
Meter counter Integrated digital meter counter
Screen MSE-100 - 5,6"
Screen MSE-300 - 8"
Battery Li-ion battery with built-in charger and status display
Transmitter set 512 Hz or 33 kHz transmitter set
PC connection MSE-300 only: RS232 PC connection for data transfer sewer inspection software
Camera head Self-levelling and swivelling camera head
Reel 15, 30 to 80 meter reel
Optional accessories Transport bag, remote control, various camera heads
Inspection Detection EN 2024 Inspection Detection EN 2024 (PDF, 6.849 MB)
Square - FiberCam

A modular camera system

Our FiberCam+ is a modular and professional camera system. Extremely robust and modular, the FiberCam+ is our most maintenance-friendly camera. Thanks to its large wheels and extendable handle, the FiberCam is excellent to transport. The modular system allows you to choose from:

  • A 15, 30, 60 or 80 metre reel
  • An MSE-100 or MSE-300 control system
  • Various camera heads, including a self-levelling camera head and a pivoting camera head that allows multiple right-angle bends to be taken in a 100 mm pipe.
  • Various accessories including feed guides, transport bags and remote controls