SKU: 16060100000
  • Built-in MPEG-4 digital video recorder
  • Snapshot function
  • Including electronic meter counter
  • Including battery charger and status display
The FiberCam+ is a robust camera that works very well in larger drains and sewers. It is suitable for drains from Ø 70 – 300 mm. The camera is equipped with a self-leveling camerahead for constant upright image.


Thanks to the large wheels and retractable handle, the FiberCam can be easily transported. The reel with 60 meters pushcable is removable and is equipped with a brake in order to reduce undesired unrolling.

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Product Specifications
Camerahead 55 mm x 70 mm length, 78 mm x 110 mm length
Diameter pipe 70-300 mm
Pushcable 60 m glass fibre push rod on 9 mm reel
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