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RioTrack Pro

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The RioTrack Pro is a detection device that effortlessly detects 512 Hz and 33 kHz transmitters. In addition, this detector helps to detect power and radio cables. Building on the previous model, we introduce the all-new RioTrack Pro. This works with an arrow function instead of a compass function, so that you are sent directly to the exact location. The new RioTrack Pro also has a larger display and with an optional bluetooth module you can map locations exactly. Locating probes has never been so easy, intuïtive and fast!

Frequencies 512Hz, 640Hz, 33kHz and current
Receiving type Peak or probe is automatically selected by the device
Transmitting reach Up to 5 meters depth, depending on location and conditions
Built in transmitter Up to 3.5 meters depth
Temperature Min 20 °C max 50°C
Water resistant IP53 and Nema 4
Dimensions (lxwxh) 670 x 320 x 125 mm
Weight 2.5 kg including batteries
Approval Approval according to European directive
Transmitter set 512 Hz or 33 kHz transmitter set for high-pressure machine or push reel incl. drive head and corresponding battery
Built in transmitter Integrating 512 Hz or 33 kHz mini transmitter in combination with a camera system
Battery pack Rechargeable battery pack and mains adapter (RioTrack Pro)
Bluetooth Bluetooth module for connection of a GPS receiver
Inspection Detection EN 2024 Inspection Detection EN 2024 (PDF, 6.849 MB)

IC - RioTrack 3

Tracing transmitters and cables

The RioTrack Pro is a detection device for tracing mini transmitters fitted to the ends of high-pressure hoses or inside the heads of (sewer) cameras. They turn locating the high-pressure hose or camera head in a concrete or PVC sewer pipe into mere child’s play. The detectors are also suitable for tracing power cables and radio cables, helping to prevent problems that might occur during excavation work. All 512 Hz, 640 Hz and 33 kHz frequency transmitters can be traced. The different frequencies can be set with ease on the device.

IC - RioTrack 2

Depth measurement and compass function

In addition to indicating the signal strength, the depth at which the cable or transmitter is located is also indicated. The RioTrack Pro comes with an 11 cm TFT LCD colour screen on which the (indicative) depth can be read off continuously. Equipped with 6 antennae, the new RioTrack Pro takes the user directly to the probe, with no detours. A clear arrow indicates the movement direction – tracing transmitters has never been so easy! If a ghost signal is received, a blue coloured symbol is displayed as an indication. A selection menu can be used to set other frequencies, background lighting and the sound level of the trace signal.

IC - RioTrack 1

Battery pack

Due to the use of durable and impact-resistant plastics, the RioTrack Pro is shockproof and, at approximately 2.5 kg, lightweight. The RioTrack Pro is equipped with a battery holder and 6 alkaline AA batteries as standard, providing no fewer than 8 hours of use. An optional rechargeable battery pack and mains adapter are optionally available. The battery level is indicated on the screen.