Minigator 3
5022 minigator 001
5022 minigator 002

Mini Gator 1/2"


The Minigator Nozzle is the smaller version of the Primus nozzle and offers controlled, dual-speed rotation for superior cleaning and the removal of hard deposits, grease and light roots in sewer and drainage pipes. Manufactured from hardened steel, it comprises three components; a propulsion unit, a lubrication-free drive and a cleaning head. The cleaning head is controlled by a high-performance ceramic clutch disc, allowing for controlled rotation and optimal cleaning power. Due to its compact design, the Mini-Gator can be used from pipe size DN 60. The dynamic and rotating front jet of the Mini-Gator tears up fine hair roots and easily removes grease residues, urine scale, and blockages. The rear jets in the head clean the pipe 360° around and flushes the loosened material to the rear. The Minigator can be used in combination with all common pump capacities from 30 ltr/min.

Pump capacity (bar/lpm)
High pressure hose specifications
Connections 1/2"
Diameter pipe 60 - 225mm
Weight 0,65 kg
Capacity From 30 lpm

Rioned is an official supplier of USB nozzles. USB is a German manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel nozzles. The nozzles are precision engineered to ensure durability and superior cleaning performance. By using only the strongest and most durable industrial materials, these nozzles are resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis and other mineral substances. USB nozzles are designed to clean better with less water and can also be used with recycled water.