26400000000 busterset mini

Buster set 1/2'' in suitcase

SKU: 26400000000

Made for the most difficult obstructions, but relatively light-weight. It hits, cuts and scrapes through everything. The Buster is delivered as a set with a body and three jetting nozzles provided with: 

  • Link chains for hardened blockages (limescale, cement or concrete)
  • Industrial chains, sharp enough to tackle grease or smaller roots
  • Steel wires to scrape the pipes clean
  • The set also contains a cutting point to drill through blockages.
  • 200 bar/54 lpm
Pump capacity (bar/lpm)
High pressure hose specifications
Diameter 50 mm
Length 65 mm
Design Gehard RVS, open en blind
Water flow 30 - 120 lpm
Pressure 80 - 300 bar
Connection 1/2"
Usage afvoeren 80 - 250 mm, 90 graden bochten vanaf 90 mm
Rotation speed Afhankelijk van de capaciteit van de machine