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SKU: 10350004000
  • Pipe diameters from 70 to 250 mm
  • Spring diameter 16 and 20 mm
  • 20m to 60m cable length
  • 71 kg

The Master is a larger version of the AllRound+. The Master will clean drains and sewers from 70 – 250 mm.

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Operating range 70 to 250 mm
Spring diameter 16 and 20 mm
Spring length 20 m
Weight 71 kg
Maximum dB 76
Dimensions (lxwxh) 650 mm x 570 mm x 800 mm
Motor/drive Electric motor, 230 volts / 0.45 kW
Standard accessories guide hose
Spring machines EN 2024 Spring machines EN 2024 (PDF, 11.836 MB)

IC Master 2

Stubborn blockages

All stubborn blockages such as roots, urine deposits and limescale can be tackled adequately with this machine. The Master can be used to clean drains and sewers with a diameter of 70 mm up to and including 250 mm. The spring is contained in a closed aluminum spring drum, so that the workplace remains clean during the job. With two extra spring drums, a maximum working length of 60 meters can be achieved with a 20 mm spring.

IC Master 3

Wireless unclogging for professionals

The Master comes standard with 6 standard accessories in a metal storage case. This can easily be taken along in the transport support intended for that purpose. An extensive range of accessories is also available for the Master. Furthermore, the Master meets all safety requirements and is very user-friendly. The machine is very easy to transport, is extremely compact and has a height-adjustable handle.