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4.25 ton weight limit with class B driving license in 2023

The EU plans to adopt a new driving licence directive in 2023. They are currently studying what changes these new directives will bring and whether it is feasible to introduce them across the EU. What do these new directives mean for us?


Maximum allowed weight to 4250kg

If the proposal currently under discussion is adopted, the maximum permitted weight of a car + trailer for a class B licence will go from 3.5 tonnes to 4.25 tonnes. Currently, this requires a B-plus driving licence but that will no longer be necessary. This means that with a class B driving licence, you will be allowed to drive vans such as the Mercedes Vito and Ford Transit Custom with 750 kg extra payload, provided the cars are allowed to load this. This increase is quite an advance for many industries like ours. At present, most vans have less than 3.5 tonnes maximum allowed weight, and with a water tank or heavy tools in the back of the van, this is too little for most people.


Minimum age of class C driving licence to 18 years

The minimum age for truck and bus driving licences will be lowered to 18. Currently, at 18, you can only get a C1 driving licence for trucks up to 7.5 tonnes. Only when you turn 21, you are allowed to get your class C licence. But with the new guidelines, this means that when you are 18 years old, you can go straight for your >7.5 tonnes driving licence.


Digital driving license and QR code

The EU is also planning to give a second life to the digital driving licence. This online document is to replace the pass or paper driving licence, which is still used in many European countries. A digital driving licence should therefore suffice when a police check is conducted or while renting a car. There is also talk of a QR code being more tamper-proof than the current chip we currently have in the driving licence.


Driving licence revocation applies across the EU

The planned changes will also ensure that you will lose your driving licence across the EU if it is confiscated in a member state. Because it will be a universal document for all EU member states, it can also be checked by all member states. So for example, if you have a driving ban in the Netherlands for drink-driving, it would also apply in France and Germany.


When is this going to happen?

The changes will not take effect until they are incorporated into national law and they will bring changes to examinations. The new driving licence directives are currently being discussed by the EU. These discussions include looking into a mandatory refresher course after one year of driving and starting practical training only after passing the theory exam. All these proposals mean that no date has been promulgated yet. Source

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