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Super complete FlexComs for JKL


Recently our engineers and mechanics have been busy designing and building two super complete FlexComs for our Danish distributor JKL. In this article we tell you what makes these units so special!


The versatile combination unit

The Rioned FlexCom jet/vac combination is ideal for use in urban areas and at locations where larger vehicles have difficulty accessing. Thanks to the weight distribution the combination unit has a comfortable road holding.

In this case, the units are mounted on a 7.5t Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis. The 3,500 litre tank is fitted with a hydraulically adjustable partition. This significantly increases the capacity of the clean water or wastewater. The hydraulic cylinder moves the partition, depending on the job in hand. In addition, the tank lid can also be hydraulically operated, making it easy to empty and clean. On the tank lid, we find a hydraulic high-pressure reel with RioFree free-running system and 100 metres of NW13 hose.

Instead of one suction reel, these units are equipped with two suction reels. Thanks to the hydraulic cranes, the reels can be remotely operated by means of the RioMote.


A look underneath the bonnet

In the fully insulated engine room, we find not only a Speck P52 high pressure pump with a capacity of 200 bar / 72 lpm and Jurop PNR83 vacuum pump with a capacity of approx. 492m3/h, but also a 13 channel RioMote receiver and a filling reel with 50 metres of NW19 hose. Despite the fact that these temperatures do not make you think of winter and cold so quickly, the unit is also equipped with an antifreeze system and Webasto hot water boiler to circulate hot water so that the water in the high-pressure system does not freeze when working in winter temperatures. This is a very useful feature in countries like Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries where temperatures regularly drop far below freezing. The lighting has also been thought of. Besides practical interior lighting, the FlexComs are equipped with a work light for extra working comfort and two flashing lights for extra safety.


Extra storage space

Extra storage space has been created for carrying accessories and other tools. The rolling doors provide extra safety, as they do not protrude when open. Furthermore, one of the cabinets is extra low, which makes it easy to take along heavier additional material such as a larger spring machine or inspection equipment.


Also looking for a suitable tailor-made solution? We like to discuss the possibilities with you! Please contact your Rioned sales representative, mail to info@rioned.com or call us at +31 (0)13 547 91 00.

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