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Improved efficiency and single-man operation thanks to the RioMote


In addition to our extensive product range containing all kinds of machines for various sewer cleaning and unblocking jobs, we also have many useful options available for our high-pressure sewer cleaning machines and combination units. This makes the work just that little bit easier, more practical, or more comfortable. In this blog, we tell you everything about the RioMote.

Single-man operation

Thanks to the RioMote remote control, Rioned sewer cleaning machines can be easily operated by only one person. The obvious benefit to this is reduced manpower costs, with a single operator able to do work previously requiring at least two people. The ability to operate the machine from directly above the drain or sewer also helps the operator finely tune pressure and flow settings for improved results and savings on engine running time and water usage.

Since January 1st, 2020, we’ve started with the integration of the new generation RioMote manual transmitter. Supplied as a package with a transmitter, receiver, charger, and antenna, the RioMote remote control is available as a 5 and 7 channel transmitter. 

The new generation RioMote

The new RioMote has an even bigger range (approximately 30-40%) and utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that continually searches for the strongest frequency. Automatically switching frequencies avoids the type of radio congestion and interference associated with busy sites. A bigger transmitter range also means the units are better suited to working in densely populated areas, crawl spaces, or remote locations.

With a new RioMote remote control also comes a new appearance. New ergonomic remote handset designs also mean transmitters have become easier to hold and use when wearing gloves.


Finally, the new RioMote is also equipped with a new and more powerful high-density battery. This battery lasts at least 14 hours which dramatically increased the amount of operation time between charges.

Are you curious about the possibilities, or do you have any questions about the RioMote? Please contact us via info@rioned.com or + 31 (0)13 547 91 00.

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