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Red Dot Award ceremony with Rioned’s eControl!

3 seconds of fame for e Control

Employees from Rioned and GBO on stage! From left to right André Randsdorp (Project Manager for Rioned), Managing Director Dennis van der Beuken (GBO Design), Ruud Crommentuijn (graphic designer for GBO), Managing director Jan Pieters (Rioned), Marc Soethout (Manager Engineering for Rioned) and Tommie van Cranenbroek (engineer for GBO).

Red Dot Award ceremony

On June 29, 2015 the Red Rot awards were presented to the winners at the Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany. Approximately 1,200 people from as many as 40 countries were invited to receive the design awards. There were nearly 5,000 entries in 2015. A select group of 1,250 ended up winning the so wanted prize. Most winners are global enterprises such as Bosch, Ferrari, Samsung, Apple and Sony. Luckily also smaller companies were awarded, such as Rioned’s eControl.

3 seconds of fame for e Control

3 seconds of fame for eControl

During the gala evening, 81 companies were nominated for being 'the best of the best'. Although Rioned did not win in this category we were still mentioned and shown on the big screen. So we still got our ‘3 seconds of fame!’ We also made it on page 195 of the Red Dot yearbook!

After the formal part a lively party took place in the Red Dot museum, just outside Essen. In the museum an exhibition marks the sixtieth anniversary of the ‘Red Dot awards.’ The exhibition is well worth a visit!

Recipients of the Red Dot award

RedDot Award

The RedDot Award is an International seal of quality for top design and innovation. The seal must be conducted exclusively by winners of the Red Dot Award. The very first awards ceremony took place in 1954. In 2015 it is the world's largest and most distinguished design competition. Earlier we wrote about how the judging panel had received a detailed description and specifications of the eControl. In February the eControl was presented in a large hall, amongst many other entries, ready to be assessed by the renowned jury. Winning the Red Dot Award is a wonderful crown on our hard work and commitment to always strive for innovation and the best possible customer solutions. It emphasizes the value of innovative partnerships with dedicated partners like GBO Design & GBO products and Venne Electronics that can lead to great results!

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