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RioFlex - The flexible new way of drain cleaning


The number of users of high-speed drain cleaning machines is growing year after year. Started as milling machines for the renovation of small diameter pipes, there is a shift towards cleaning and unblocking pipes. The new RioFlex is a high-speed flexible shaft drain cleaning machine that has been designed for the rapid removal of rust, cement, lime and small tree roots in concrete, cast iron, and PVC drains. Producing up to 3.000 RPM, the high rotation speed means that the specialized selection of tools covers every part of the drain wall for thorough cleaning. 

Flexible and powerful 

The new RioFlex is a flexible, silent, and powerful drain cleaning machine suitable for drains from Ø 38 mm up to Ø 150mm. The high rotation speed makes the RioFlex unique in its kind. With the high rotation speed, very stubborn blockages such as cement, lime, and tree roots can be removed in no time. The RioFlex can produce up to 3.000 RPM, but in practice, it turns out that 1.500 RPM is sufficient to carry out daily jobs. The machine, therefore, does not have to operate at full power. The spring is protected with a flexible outer cover that allows the cable to go through the tightest of bends. 

To achieve the high rotation speed, the RioFlex is equipped with a muscular 0.55 kW electric motor. This specially developed engine is both quieter and more powerful than drives made for common hand tools, such as angle grinders or drills. The quiet engine makes the RioFlex ideally suited for jobs in apartments and crowded places such as malls and schools.


Advantages of high-speed drain cleaning

High-speed drain cleaning machines are considered to be very effective in cleaning as they have a high cable rotation speed that is step-less adjustable, based on the condition of the pipe, the material, and the type of contamination. An additional advantage is that the flexible outer cover allows you to inspect the tube with an inspection camera while working with the RioFlex. Besides that, the RioFlex can be supplied with a range of specialist cleaning heads for optimal operation in different drain types and diameters.


Remote control

The RioFlex is the only high-speed flexible shaft machine in its class that’s supplied with an adjustable radio remote control with display. Using the remote control, the maximum speed and torque can be set gradually, depending on the nature of the task and pipe material, helping minimize the risk of damage. The LED display on the remote also shows the torque and speed of the cleaning head as it progresses along the pipe, giving a clear indication of the effectiveness of your cleaning action.

The ergonomic design of the remote control means the unit excels in confined spaces, with the hand-operated remote control enabling comfortable and safe operation a few meters away from the machine.


Transportation made easy

The RioFlex is mounted on two wheels and includes a retractable handle for ease of transportation. The weight of the total machine is approximately 35 kgs. When working in confined spaces or difficult to reach areas, such as apartment blocks without an elevator, the electric engine pack and the reel can be separated and used independently. It is also possible to work with a separate cable and the detachable engine pack.


The separation between the machine and the frame is easily done by removing HEX-link from the connection on the engine package, then pressing down the locking button in the middle, and simply lift the machine away from the frame. The separate engine weighs 17 kgs and the loose reel 18 kgs. Because the RioFlex uniquely separates into two components, transportation and lifting is a simple and safe task.

Interchangeable reels and accessories

The RioFlex is available in various configurations from 15 meters 8 mm cable up to 20 meters 10 mm cable. The detachable engine pack can be used with different reel combinations. Available reel lengths and cable diameters include:

• 15 meters x 8mm for pipe diameters Ø 38 to Ø 100 mm
• 12 meters x 10mm for pipe diameters Ø 75 to Ø 150 mm
• 20 meters x 10mm for pipe diameters Ø 75 to Ø 150 mm

Besides the interchangeable reels, there are a large number of accessories available for the RioFlex. There are tools available to suit pipe construction and application. Chain heads with carbide tips are available for the toughest of cleaning applications, along with tools to suit cleaning and unblocking in plastic pipes. These include:

• Smooth chain heads for use in PVC pipes
• Chain heads with cams for use in cast iron and concrete pipes
• Drill heads

RioFlex Mini

Next to the RioFlex, we are also introducing the RioFlex Mini. The RioFlex Mini is the ideal entry-level tool for unclogging and cleaning short pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. Blockages in smaller diameter pipes (38-75 mm) are removed in an instant with this practical high-speed cleaner. Due to its ease-of-use, safety features, and low weight, the RioFlex Mini has become an indispensable tool for installers, plumbers and sewer cleaners in the short period since its launch.


The RioFlex Mini is supplied with a range of cleaning heads for both PVC and concrete and metal pipes that attach to the 5 meters long 8 mm cable. The unit is simply operated by connecting the cable to the cordless drill, which is optionally available. The protective housing around the cable is easy to clean with a cloth after use. The complete kit can be stored and transported in the handy carrying bag packaging.


Would you like to learn more about the RioFlex of the RioFlex Mini? Take a look at our website or contact our customer service team via info@rioned.com.

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