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Rioned launch emissions compliant CityJet models


Rioned has announced the launch of two new 2019 emissions compliant models for its popular CityJet van-pack range. Both models offer comparable performance figures to the current diesel engine model and are available in petrol engine and PTO-driven versions.

The CityJet PTO (Power Take-Off) is driven by the engine of the vehicle and utilises a sophisticated hydraulic system that reduces the power of the vehicle-driven PTO shaft to allow the high-pressure pump to do its job without the need for a separate combustion engine.

At present the CityJet PTO can be installed in Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Vito models that are equipped with the Mercedes PTO factory options. Rioned has also been exploring options to install the unit in other manufacturers’ vans.

The PTO meets the latest Stage V emissions standards by using the Euro-6 Mercedes engine as the main power source. The unit is also lighter than the combustion engine model and operates at lower noise, making it particularly useful for night work.

Rioned’s new CityJet Petrol takes advantage of Kubota’s latest 45hp, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder, fuel-injection power unit, which offers very low vibration and is exceptionally quiet.

Rioned UK Sales Manager Mark Cox says the company are ahead of the curve when it comes to the new emissions regulations: “We’re prepared for the future and have started helping our customers to be prepared for the change in regulations. As with other manufacturers, we will continue to build diesel machines while engine stocks last.”

“What I would say though is that these engines will eventually be phased out and there will be a legislative requirement for companies to only sell compliant machinery.”

“We’ve been building Tier 4 (US emissions standards similar to Stage V EU regulations) machines for our sister company, Spartan Tool, in the US for the past few years, so have already developed, tested and successfully marketed these types of machines. I think that puts us well ahead of the competition.”

The enhanced 2019 CityJet can now be supplied with diesel and petrol engines, or as a PTO drive unit. The new range feature a wider 180° pivoting hose reel that can accommodate up to 140m of 1.2” hose and uses the RioFree freewheel system for frictionless operation. Available with a range of pump options, the new models have an Eco Package that helps operators save water and fuel by way of a built-in pulsator.

Rioned will be showcasing the new CityJet models at this month’s Ro-Ka-Tech and CV Show, in Germany and the UK respectively.

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