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Rioned Launch the eControl Touch - The Next-generation Sewer Machine Management System

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Rioned is delighted to announce the launch of the eControl Touch, the next-generation sewer machine control, for use across its range of high-pressure drain and sewer cleaning machines. Following on from the success of the first eControl unit, which garnered a prestigious Red Dot award for innovation in 2015, the latest iteration is equipped with a user-friendly interface and a range of new smart features that offer operators unrivalled machine control and diagnostics.

Next-level Sewer Machine Management

As a product innovator over many years, Rioned has been at the vanguard of new developments in the sewer cleaning sector, launching a range of products that have set the standard across the sector.

The launch of the eControl Touch heralds the arrival of a platform designed for the future, offering operators more control to improve efficiencies and reduce running and maintenance costs.

With operation, functionality, and sustainability at the forefront of the brief, the eControl Touch offers an unrivalled level of machine diagnostic and operational intelligence. The design takes into account future developments, such as wide-ranging connectivity, and delivers on the aim to help operators reduce carbon emissions and running costs by saving on fuel and water usage.


New Look and New Features

As the industry continues the shift towards single-man operations, the eControl Touch offers increased control and user safety. The unit can be started remotely with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag, or by a unique code if the RFID tag is lost.

The new-look unit has been designed to provide complete fingertip control, with an ergonomic shape developed for ease of use. The new configuration includes a larger 7” LCD touch screen and a robust jog wheel for operation whilst wearing gloves.

Key to the development is the inclusion of more real-time sensors, with operators now able to monitor pressure and flow, RPMs and fuel and water level at a glance. With the popular RioMeter hose metre counter included as standard, users have immediate access to highly accurate measurements of the amount of hose that has travelled along a pipe.

Sensors also continuously monitor machine components, with the eControl Touch displaying warning alerts and solutions when detecting impending machine malfunctions. This accurate monitoring of the condition of critical components enables users to reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs.

New Remote Handset

The control unit can be supplied with a new RioMote remote handset, with an LED screen that displays essential real-time system information, such as RPMs, pressure, fuel levels and system warnings, relayed directly from the eControl Touch.


Enabling the readout of this information when operating a high-pressure machine from a distance improves the safety of operatives and allows for potential efficiencies to be realised when conducting single-man operations.

For more information about the eControl Touch, visit Rioned.co.uk or contact the sales team on +44 (0)1638 713800.

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