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Rioned release enhanced FlexCom 7.5T


Since its launch in 2015, Rioned’s FlexCom combination jet-vac units have become a popular choice for drainage contractors and utility companies. There are now over 30 models in operation across the UK, and the company recently announced some enhancements for the 2018 model.

With a focus on simplicity of use, the FlexCom 7.5t was designed as a single-resolution unit that can be operated remotely by a single person. An added bonus is that the vehicles can be driven without a HGV licence by anyone who passed their test before 1997.

The powerful unit features a high-performance vacuum pump and can be supplied with several high-pressure pump configurations. The suction hose connects to a 3,000 or 3,500 litre partitioned tank for immediate operation. The hydraulically operated hose reel pivots 180° and includes 100 metres of high-pressure hose.

For 2018, the 7.5t units feature enhanced storage options. Mark Cox, Rioned UK Sales Manager, says they have listened to customers in redesigning storage facilities to suit a range of requirements: “There is now more storage space than before, and we can supply the units with roller or wing-type doors. Customers can also choose to have electric sockets, lighting, driers and other equipment installed in the cabinets.”

The popularity of the unit is in part due to the ability to build in customisations as part of the complete manufacturing package. Jeremy Harrison, Director, Plant and Fleet Services at Morrison Utility Services worked closely with Rioned in creating a specification for Yorkshire Water’s newly established in-house Operational Jetting Team, and says: “The specification that we developed with Rioned allows for the units to remain on site for longer. The four units are fitted with a feature that allows the wastewater tank partition to also be used for clean water, meaning much longer running time.”

The 7.5t units are also a lot lighter and more manoeuvrable than bigger units, and therefore more efficient. Rochester based MTS Cleaning Services, one of the UK’s leading waste management companies, took delivery of four new FlexCom 7.5t units at the start of the year. Chris Henderson, Sales Director for MTS, says: “They offer great versatility to our customers as they can get into spaces where larger vehicles can struggle.”

For contractors such Advance FM and Relative Groundworks, who both took delivery of new units this year, the new equipment has meant they can expand capabilities and attend an increasing number of call outs. The FlexCom is also available custom built on larger 10t and 12t chassis.

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