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Rioned welcomes Wim Oosterling as new Operations Director Europe

Wim en jan

Rioned is pleased to announce the appointment of Wim Oosterling as Operations Director Europe. Wim is a mechanical engineer by origin and will lead the production and engineering department.

As Technical Director at IPN, Wim gained the necessary experience to join our team. At his previous employer, he worked for 13 years in various positions of which the last 5 years were thus as Technical Director.

"I am a glass half full person" he says. "I never worked with the aim of getting to a particular position, I always had fun doing what I did and that's how you get ahead."


"I have only worked here for a short time, and I joined Rioned because of the size of the company, the passion of the people, the product line and how the people handle it. I have now also been allowed to experience the production and the quality we deliver."

Wim's message to our customers is as follows: Quality is paramount at Rioned and it will remain so!

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