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Rioned's eFlow One Shortlisted for Prestigious Water Industry Award


Rioned is thrilled to announce that its latest electric van pack jetting machine, the eFlow One, has been shortlisted for the Energy in Water category at the Water Industry Awards 2024. This recognition highlights Rioned’s contribution to sustainable operations within the water industry.

At the core of the eFlow One’s development are three LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) batteries, offering clean power and distinct advantages over other lithium-ion types. Free from Cobalt and Nickel, LFP batteries have a significantly smaller environmental footprint, whilst offering superior heat resistance and reduced toxicity. Lasting up to 4,000 charge cycles, they also ensure long-lasting performance without concerns about deep discharge.

Designed with space efficiency in mind, the eFlow One can be installed in smaller commercial vehicles, enabling the use of compact electric vans for a complete zero-emission solution. This innovation opens the door for smaller contractors to adopt battery-powered jetting machines, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The eFlow One’s intuitive management system provides real-time operational data through an LED/LCD interface on both the machine and a remote handset. This includes essential information such as RPMs, pressure/flow and water levels minimising unexpected downtime.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the eFlow One offers substantial cost savings, with reduced maintenance expenses and operational efficiencies amounting to approximately £2,000 per annum.

Rioned’s Managing Director, Jan Pieters, is delighted the new machine is being recognised at the awards: “The eFlow One embodies our commitment to innovation and sustainability. This electric jetting machine delivers powerful, eco-friendly technology that is also budget-friendly. Our goal is to equip the industry with tools that promote cleaner and more efficient operations.”

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