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Roll Out of Rioned’s Electric Van-Pack Jetter


Rioned has announced the production roll-out of the world’s first high-performance electric van-pack jetter. Models are expected to be available to purchase in the first quarter of 2020, with interest for the eCityJet growing among utility companies and contractors.

The eCityJet was launched in May 2019 and the company has been running trials of the new machine with contractors in Europe. This collaborative approach has been a guiding principal in the development of the eCityJet, and Jan Pieters, Managing Director at Rioned, believes the new machine represents a turning point for the industry: “The market for sewer cleaning is on the move. New emission requirements mean the zero-emission eCityJet is completely ready for the future.”

As part of the development process, Rioned also teamed up with Fontys University of Applied Sciences to undertake a UK customer research project with the goal of establishing how to best deliver a viable machine in the well-established UK jetter market.

While the study showed that sustainability and the environment were high on the priorities of water companies, it was clear that weight, performance, charging and cost were the big questions for most contractors.

One of the key design requirements for the eCityJet was to match the performance of the diesel-powered model. The electric version features a strong electric motor powered by an extremely efficient battery pack that produces an identical 3000psi @ 13gpm (200 bar / 60 lpm). It is ideally suited for use in city centres where strict emission requirements apply and in areas that are completely or partially enclosed.

Weight and size were also a big consideration and the new machine is similar size in and only marginally heavier than the conventional CityJet model. The empty machine weighs approximately 600 kg making it suitable for most mid-sized commercial vans.

With fully charged batteries, the unit can handle up to 6 unblocking operations or run continuously for 60 minutes on full power. The batteries are charged using mains power from an ordinary wall socket, meaning they can be easily recharged during operational hours.

In a further push toward creating a carbon neutral machine all reel winding is done electrically. No hydraulic fluid is used, which again reduces environmental impact.

In The Netherlands, Rioned’s European base, the company has also been working closely with a long-time partner Van der Velden, one of the country’s largest sewerage companies, to prototype a solution that uses the new eCityJet in an electric commercial van.

Jan Pieters says: "We are proud that Van der Velden uses our electric eCityJet wants to test it in the field. Their recommendations help us further perfect the machine.”

“Both the sewer cleaning machine and the Mercedes eVito in which this machine is installed are fully electrically driven. The emission of exhaust gases is thus reduced to zero, which makes the eCityJet ideally suited for use in inner cities.”

“That is why Van der Velden is testing the machine in Amsterdam, which recently announced that it wanted to be the first emission-free city in the world in 2030. There is also a great deal of interest from abroad for this world first.”

With the roll out of its new electric jetter, Rioned hope to show that sustainable innovation is working towards a cleaner world. If you’re interested in finding out more about the eCityJet, please contact your sales contact or send an e-mail to info@rioned.com

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