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Specialist Firms Helping Deliver UK’s Fibre Optic Network

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The RioCom jetvac combination unit has been specially adapted to suit the desilting task, with a jetting capacity of 4000psi @ 12 gpm and a pulsator unit. Paul explains that duct cleaning is a balancing act that requires the jetting power to remove the hardened silt without causing damage to the existing telecoms cabling.

“We now have three combination units with another one due to be delivered shortly. It’s quite a new process and Rioned has worked closely with us to get the equipment right as we’ve grown.”“The new fibre optic cabling is installed alongside the old copper infrastructure so we can’t use too much pressure without damaging the existing cabling. The RioCom is a fantastic bit of kit and we have about a 75% successful clear rate using the equipment, which is really good when taking into account the age and wear and tear on the ducts.”

Rioned’s UK Sales Manager Mark Cox says Paul and his team were instrumental in the rise in popularity of small combination units being used for this type of work: “We invited Paul over to the factory in the Netherlands to show him a base unit and from there we designed the exact specifications that he needed for optimal desilting works.”

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