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Three Key Advantages of using a Remote-Control Unit with Your Drain Jetter


The use of wireless remote-control systems has become commonplace in daily operations of drainage contractors enabling them to work more efficiently, safely and with greater control. In this post, we look at some of the advantages of using remote-control units in daily drain cleaning operations.

1. Improved Efficiency

Many contractors operating van-pack and trailer jetters have switched to single-man operation through the use of remote-control systems. The obvious benefit to this is reduced manpower costs, with a single operator able to do work previously requiring at least two people. The ability to operate the machine from directly above the drain or sewer also helps the operator finely tune pressure and flow settings for improved results and savings on engine running time and water usage.

2. Increased Safety

Using a remote-control unit means the drain jetter or jetvac unit vacuum pump can be shut down immediately by the operator at the manhole or gulley, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of injury or damage on-site. When the jetting unit is sited at a distance from the manhole, it is both impractical and dangerous for the operator to go back and forth to the machine to alter settings. Precisely controlling pressure and flow at source also reduces the risk or splashbacks and flooding situations.

3. Greater Control

Modern remote systems utilise FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that continually searches for the strongest frequency. Automatically switching frequencies avoids the type of radio congestion and interference associated with busy sites. A bigger transmitter range also means the units are better suited to working in densely populated areas, crawl spaces or remote locations.

New ergonomic remote handset designs also mean transmitters have become easier to hold and use when wearing gloves, and more powerful high-density batteries have dramatically increased the amount of operation time between charges.

The Next Generation RioMote Remote Control


Rioned has released its next-generation RioMote manual remote-control package, an essential component in the single-man operation of sewer cleaning machines. Comprising a transmitter, receiver, charger and antenna the new system offers a 30-40% improvement on reception range, a new ergonomic design and increased battery life.

The new RioMote is available as a 5 and 7 channel manual transmitter and will be supplied as standard on all applicable Rioned machines ordered after January 1st 2020.

Find out more about the new RioMote



Emergency Stop

Hose Up/Down (with nine-channel option)

Engine Speed SLOW and FAST

Spray Valve ON and OFF

Engine ON and OFF

Battery Indicator Light

LEDs for machine status

Typical Working Range

100m (330ft)


Dual-band radio using FHSS - 863-870 MHz (128 channels) or 915-928 MHz (256 channels)

Average Battery Life

14 hours


Transmitter | Receiver| Charger | Antenna

IP Water Resistance Code

IP 65


208 x 85 x 49 mm

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