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Update on new emission requirements


We must change how we behave and act quickly if we want to guarantee our children a future on this planet. The government and various parties are introducing measures to reduce the emissions of pollutants. For example, new emissions requirements will come into effect from 2019.

So what do these new emissions requirements call for? We provided information on this topic previously in this news article. From 2020, industrial engines that emit too many harmful substances will no longer be available commercially, so Rioned is currently working hard to find cleaner alternatives. The aim of this measure is to significantly reduce the amount of particulate matter and nitrous oxides. We already have an alternative available for a number of engines. For example, we introduced the ProfiJet Tier 4 with a particulate filter some time ago.

Let us start by looking at the time frame: in 2019 (and part of 2020), we will still be permitted to supply machines that are equipped with the current generation of diesel engines. Then we will switch to alternative drive units. These may be machinery driven by the vehicle engine (PTO), petrol engines or engines with an added particulate filter. This measure applies to all our popular cleaning machines such as the UrbanJet, CityJet, ProfiJet, FlexJet and MultiJet, and also to some configurations of the Unicom combi unit...

You can rest assured that we will come up with sufficient alternatives. The Engineering Department is already busy developing new machines that use clean engines, which comply with current legislation. We will present these alternatives in the course of 2019.

America has already switched over

The legislation in this area in America was tightened up a while ago, so we have already developed a CityJet with a petrol engine and a ProfiJet Tier 4 with particulate filter for the American market. Our sister company, Spartan Tool, sells these models extremely successfully in America.

So we are already familiar with the challenges and, of course, the opportunities associated with this legislation. Naturally, we give maximum consideration to maintaining compactness (dimensions and weight) and to efficiency and user-friendliness when developing these new machines.

We would also like to hear which alternative you prefer so we can respond to requirements as effectively as possible. Would you like to respond to this news article and join the discussion on this topic? Send an email to m.kersten@rioned.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

And would you like to order another machine from the current product range? If so, speed is of the essence. The delivery times are already lengthening and the stock of engines is subject to a finite limit.

But even when the stocks have been exhausted, we can still offer an adequate range of alternatives to ensure that we are both able to face the challenges of the future!

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