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Using the right nozzle to get the job done!


Rioned offer an extensive range of nozzles designed for high-pressure cleaning machines. Different nozzles are suited to a variety of flushing and cleaning applications in pipes with a maximum diameter of 600 mm, and using the correct nozzle can save you a lot of time and contributes to the optimum effectiveness of your jetter. 

A suitable nozzle for every job

Rioned nozzles can be divided into two main categories: radial nozzles and rotating nozzles. Radial nozzles are especially suited to unclogging jobs, due to their static water jets, which provide greater pulling power. Rotating nozzles have a 360° spray range and are therefore better at cleaning the pipe. They are often used after unclogging or to prevent blockages. 


We also offer a range of nozzles to tackle different types of blockages. For example, nozzles that are suitable for tackling common blockages found in and around the house and usually caused by grease or soap residues. Other nozzles are armed with chains or steel wires to handle the toughest jobs: lime deposits, cement or concrete residues, grease and roots. In addition, we also supply specialist nozzles for specific situations, such as root cutters and sand shoes. The table below provides an overview of which nozzles are most suitable for the type of blockage.


Nozzles are often available in open or blind configurations. An open nozzle has apertures at the front and at the rear through which the water jets can pass. The frontal water jet(s) tackle unclogging, while the rear water jets provide pulling power, cleaning and flushing. A blind nozzle only has apertures at the rear for maximum pulling power and optimal cleaning results.

TIP: Replace the nozzle inserts regularly!

The jets in a nozzle wear out due to water erosion, which causes the nozzle to lose pressure. Most nozzles are therefore equipped with replaceable inserts. Regularly replacing the inserts will make the nozzle last much longer and means you won’t have to replace the entire nozzle. In addition to steel inserts, there are also ceramic inserts, which are even more resistant to erosion.

The right nozzle is half the battle

To achieve optimal results, you need the right nozzle. However, the quality of the high-pressure hose is at least as important. Rioned has developed a lightweight hose with a single steel inner sleeve for flexibility and to optimise the water flow. The MaxFlow high-pressure hose is available in different diameters and lengths and has a larger inner diameter, reducing pressure loss to a minimum. To prevent damage to the hose when feeding it into a manhole, various types of inlet guidances are also available.


USB nozzles, new at Rioned

We recently added a new range of ½” specialist nozzles to our product portfoilio. The high-performance nozzles from German manufacturer USB utilise 3D fluid mechanics to perform cleaning, clearing and unblocking tasks whilst using less water. Engineered using corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the range offers excellent cleaning performance and durability.

Why choose USB nozzles?

USB nozzles are manufactured from hardened stainless steel and designed for optimal cleaning whilst using less water. They are very user-friendly and maintenance-free and can also be used with recycled water. USB nozzles are braked by bearings instead of oil, so internal parts do not need to be lubricated or replaced during the first year.

Nozzles from the USB range, and available through the Rioned webstore, include the Primus, a specialist rotary cutting and cleaning nozzle that is clutch-driven for controlled rotation and ideal for removing hard deposits, grease and light roots. The Turbo chain cutter utilises turbine technology for removing hardened deposits and tree roots in the walls of the pipe. The Quattro chisel nozzle is supplied with a solid drill point to aid penetration power in cutting through blockages in sewer and drain pipelines.

While we don’t yet stock the full range of USB nozzles, we have carefully selected nozzles we think will be most beneficial to our customers and we are working on expanding the range in the future.


If you would like more information about USB nozzles, or to find out which nozzles are best suited to your machine and working conditions, please contact your Rioned sales advisor or email info@rioned.com!

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