26200000000 tornado 1

Tornado jetting nozzle (rotary jet)

SKU: 26200000000

Known as the ‘super unblocker’, this jetting nozzle has a special construction with a rotating ceramic part so that the water comes out in the form of a cone. This cone drills away any obstructions. At the same time the Tornado has an excellent traction.

Pump capacity (bar/lpm)
High pressure hose specifications
Diameter 39 mm
Length 64 mm
Design Stainless steel, open with insert nozzles
Water flow 30 - 120 lpm / 7 - 27 gpm
Pressure max. 300 bar / 4350 psi
Connection 1/2"
Usage Drains with Ø 75 - 200 mm 90° bends starting from 110 mm
Suitcase Basic