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SKU: 10330002000
  • Application range 32 to 160 mm
  • Spring diameter 8, 10, 16 and 22 mm
  • 60 m maximum cable length
  • 25 kg

More powerful, more compact, and more flexible! The Victor is perfect for drains and pipes with a diameter of 32 to 160 mm and with a maximum length of 60 metres. 

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Operating range 32 to 160 mm
Spring diameter 8, 10, 16 and 22 mm
Spring length 40m Victor Light - 60m Victor Premium
Weight 25 kg
Motor/drive Electric motor - 0,45 kW Victor Light - 0,75 Victor Premium
Standard accessories guide hose
Rotation speed 445 rpm
Spring machines EN 2024 Spring machines EN 2024 (PDF, 7.559 MB)
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Best of both worlds

The best of the traditional Victor and Mini Victor models has been retained and merged into a new, improved design. This makes the machine suitable for stubborn blockages and long pipes. The motor is a silent electric motor with a two-way switch (L-R). The spring machine is suitable for down pipes, sewers and drains with a diameter of 32 mm to 160 mm over a maximum length of 60 metres. By using an adapter drum, springs of 8 or 10 mm can be used. The Victor is suitable for segment springs of 16 mm (in lengths of 2 metres) or 22 mm (in lengths of 4 metres).

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The Victor spring machine

Even more powerful, more compact and more flexible! The new Victor surpasses its predecessors with a number of useful functions that make unblocking jobs even easier. By listening carefully to users, we have succeeded in adding new, innovative features to the product.

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Work safely

You work safely with the Victor. For example, there is a plug with earth leakage protection and there are two protective caps that protect the user against injury due to contact with electrical parts. The machine has a very stable frame with shock absorbers to counteract vibrations. The cord is safely stored on the two designated hooks.

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Ease of use

The Victor Premium is equipped with a lever mechanism. Because of this, the user only has to press the handle gently to operate the spring, which is very practical if you are using the machine for a longer period of time or over a longer distance! Cleaning the bearings has become much easier, due to the use of seals and low maintenance bearings. Dirt and moisture don’t stand a chance. A release pin for the springs is stored in a fixed place in the frame so you don’t have to look for it.

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