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ASA-Service AG: among Europe’s first eCityJet users


At ASA-Service AG, environmental awareness is a top priority. The family business is based in Sankt-Gallen, Switzerland, and is active in various sewer service activities and the rental of portable toilets for use on construction sites. In the region of Sankt-Gallen, the services of ASA-Service AG are required by households, real estate owners, housing cooperatives, and industrial companies. As one of the first customers in Europe, they started using a Rioned eCityJet. The machine has been in use for about one and a half years and has already reached 488 working hours.


Battery Power

ASA-Service AG owner Jürg Brunner and his son Patrick are very satisfied with the machine. It is often used in underground car parks to work without emissions and with minimum noise. But also in the city center of Sankt Gallen, the fully electric machine stands its ground and performs 4 to 6 unblocking jobs a day. The 30kW of battery capacity is more than enough to work for one to several days without having to recharge between jobs.


Electric van

When asked about a disadvantage, Patrick Brunner answers that the range of the vehicle in which the eCityJet is mounted is a limiting factor. His van has a range of 100 km as it was the first generation of electric vehicles on the market. Nowadays, however, there are many electric vans in which the eCityJet can be placed. Most of them exceed the 300 km range, while hybrid vehicles combine the best of both worlds. This would certainly be something to consider for a next purchase. ASA also expects that also hydrogen driven vehicles will become a feasible option.



Besides lower maintenance cost (the engine does not require service), an additional benefit of the eCityJet is the reduced noise level of the machine. “The only sound you hear is emitted by the pump which is significantly less than with traditional configurations. This makes the eCityJet the ideal machine for use in the Sankt Gallen city center.”

Rioned wishes ASA many years of emission-, trouble- and noise-free working with the eCityJet.

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