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Unroll reels without resistance thanks to RioFree

Rio Free forblog

In addition to our extensive product range containing all kinds of machines for various sewer cleaning and unblocking jobs, we also have many options available for our high-pressure sewer cleaning machines and combination units. This makes the work just that little bit easier, more practical, or more comfortable. In this blog, we tell you everything about the RioFree freewheel system.

Mechanical freewheel

The RioFree freewheel system is a practical option suitable for the high-pressure reel or other reels on your Rioned machine. The RioFree system is a mechanical freewheel pin mounted on the reel and intended to manually unroll a hydraulically driven reel without mechanical resistance. This is useful when, for example, you want to quickly rewind or unwind the hose.


RioFree comes standard on the Rioned CityJet. For other machines such as the UrbanJet, ProfiJet, and other machines with a hydraulic reel, this function is optionally available.

Are you curious about the possibilities, or do you have any questions about the RioFree freewheel system? Please contact us via info@rioned.com or + 31 (0)13 547 91 00.

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