CityJet Van Pack Jetter

SKU: 21255000000
  • 180° high pressure pivoting hose reel
  • Control+ panel and remote control
  • Electric hose reel locking mechanism
  • Low weight
  • Warm water opton available (up to 55 ˚C)

The CityJet van pack jetter is our flagship product and the most popular high-pressure drain jetting machine in the world. The jetter can be used for sewer and drain cleaning with a maximum diameter of 450 mm. The CityJet can be supplied with Diesel, Petrol or even an electric engine. A PTO (Power Take Off) version to mount in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter is also available

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CityJet Van Pack Jetter

The compact van pack jetter maximises payload capacity in drain jetting vans. The high-pressure water jetting reel now pivots through 180 degrees for optimum working conditions in all circumstances. With an easy fill fuel tank and the optimum ratio of performance to weight it is easy to see why the City Jet van-pack jetter is quite simply the best in its class.

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CityJet Van-Pack jetters
Product Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1335 x 1240 x 1195 mm
Fuel tank 30 litres
Pressure regulator Type Speck wih automatic bypass
Weight As from 530 kgs
HD-reel hydraulic drive 180° pivoting and supplied with RioFree freewheel
HD-hose 80 metres NW13 (1/2""), 80 metres NW16
Application range Max 450 mm
Color Blue cover, black frame
Attachments Spraygun and lance
Fillreel 50 metres NW19
Water tank 600 litres, 2x300 litres (uitbreidbaar)
CityJet High Pressure Jetting Machines

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