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Exceeding all your expectations in design, performance, user friendliness and reliability

  • Operating range up to 450 mm
  • 600 litres water tank (2 x 300 litres)
  • Kubote benzine WG 1605 (42,5 kW / 57 pk) of Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T (33 kW / 44 pk) / PTO
  • From 530 kg

It is the most compact machine in its class and thousands of users worldwide rely on their CityJet day in, day out. The all-new CityJet hosts a range of innovative new features to enhance the machine functionality while offering superior ergonomics. The compact design and low weight maximizes the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

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More effective

The high-pressure hose reel now pivots through 180 degrees for optimum working conditions in all circumstances. The new hose reel has been widened to accommodate up to 140 metres of 1/2” high-pressure hose or 120 metres of 5/8”hose. And electric locking mechanism on the hose reel is a major improvement in user- friendliness and safety.

The RioFree freewheel system ensures that the hose reel can be coiled off without any friction of the hydraulics, this feature significantly reduces the effort required to operate the hose reel. The new high-pressure jetting hose fitted to the CityJet is not only the lightest hose in its class, it also ensures minimum pressure loss thanks to the smooth inner surface and widened inner core. This also results in an increase of 12% effective working pressure at the nozzle.

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User friendly

The CityJet fits most popular vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz Vito, Volkswagen Crafter and Ford Transit. The modern, newly-designed covers protect the user from rotating parts and reduce the noise levels of the machine to a minimum. The covers are easily removed for quick access to the engine and pump when servicing is required. With an easy-fill fuel tank and special forklift lifting provision the new CityJet is extremely user friendly.

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The CityJet can be supplied with a diesel engine, petrol engine or even a fully electric engine. The CityJet with V1505-CR T Diesel is equipped as standard with the new eControl Touch control system. A PTO version is also available. The CityJet PTO (Power Take-off) is powered by the engine of the vehicle in which it is mounted. A sophisticated hydraulic system takes power from the vehicle axle to allow the high-pressure pump to do its work. A separate combustion or other engine is therefore no longer necessary. Installed in a new van, this drive meets all legal environmental requirements. 

All systems host a range of innovative features to maximize performance and user-friendliness. The CityJet Petrol has a patent pending system to cool the exhaust of the machine.

“The equipment is bulletproof. It’s a different level of machine and is proving the right choice and the right tool for the jobs we do.”

When Union Contractors (Sussex) Ltd launched their new subdivision Union Drains, the company turned to Rioned's turnkey jetting solutions to streamline the set-up process. The company purchased two complete van-pack jetter packages, which included the supply of a CityJet and UrbanJet jetting machine fitted in fully-converted drainage vans, including the installation of bulkheads, flooring, storage, handwash stations, electrical inverters and lighting.

The equipment handover took place in December 2019, with Managing Director Stephen Knight praising the extensive knowledge of UK Sales Manager Mark Cox: "I did a lot of research into the kit and Rioned kept coming up. It became clear they were the best choice. Mark took the time to understand exactly what we needed, and even explained the new emissions regulations."

Stephen Knight Managing Director | Union Drains

Improved Safety

Improved safety

The CityJet includes a wealth of features designed to aid operator welfare. An electric hose locking mechanism significantly reduces the risk of injury and prevents unauthorised use, while modern, newly-designed covers provide protection from rotating and heated parts. Covers can also be quickly and easily removed for access to the jetting machine’s engine and pump during servicing and maintenance.

Safety features of Rioned equipment
More Efficient

More efficient

The CityJet is supplied with 80 metres of NW13 or NW16 jetting hose as standard. Not only is it the lightest hose in its class, but a smooth inner surface and wider inner core also reduce pressure loss for more effective operation. This can result in an increase of up to 12% more working pressure at the jetting nozzle. A patent-pending exhaust cooling system on the CityJet Petrol is also under development.

Rioned high-pressure hoses
Single Person Operation2

Single-person operation

Rioned’s award-winning eControl+ machine management system is supplied as standard to provide safe, single-person operation at a distance from the jetting machine. The CityJet with V1505-CR-T diesel engine is now available with the new-specification eControl Touch, providing real-time readings of pressure and flow, RPMs and fuel and water levels at a glance. 7-Channel RioMote remote controls are also optionally available.

Machine management systems


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Specifications & documentation

Default Specifications

Operating range

Max 450mm



Kubota petrol WG1605 (42.5 kW / 57 hp)

Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T (33 kW / 44 hp)

Fuel tank

30 litres

HP pump Rioned/Speck
160 bar / 75 lpm
200 bar / 60 lpm
Kubota benzine WG 1605 or

Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T

150 bar / 100 lpm

160 bar / 85 lpm

200 bar / 72 lpm
250 bar / 60 lpm
270 bar / 54 lpm

320 bar / 46 lpm

Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Pressure regulation

Type Speck with automatic bypass

Water tank

600 litres (2 x 300 litres)

Filling reel

50 metres NW 19

Fixed hydrant connection

Fixed hydrant connection for rapidly filling the tank

HP hose

80 metres NW 13 or 80 metres NW 16

HP reel

180° swivelling, hydraulically driven and with RioFree freewheel


Rioned eControl+, Rioned eControl Touch (standard on V1505-CR T engine)


From 530 kg

Dimensions (lxwxh)

1.335 x 1.240 x 1.195 mm


2 x 1/2" (1 open, 1 blind)

Standard accessories

Spray gun with lance


Blue cover, black metal frame

Optional specifications

Remote Control RioMote 7-Channel remote control system or RioMote Premium 7-Channel remote control system with display (only i.c.w. eControl Touch)
RioPulse Pulsator Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
Anti-freeze tank 30-litre anti-freeze tank with circulation system to protect the high-pressure pump
Extra water tanks 2 x 400 litres or 4 x 300 litres water tanks instead of 2 x 300 litres
Extra HP hose length 100 or 120 metres NW 13 or 100 metres NW 16
Fixed suction venturi Suction device for filling the tanks with surface water
Second HP reel Second HP reel instead of filling reel
Radiographic control HP reel Coiling on and off via the radio remote control

Product documentation

Download catalogue EN City Jet april22 (PDF, 488.986 KB)
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