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Flexible jetting at its best

  • Operating range up to 300 mm
  • 400 litres water tank
  • Honda petrol engine (15 kW / 20 hp)
  • From 370 kg

The FlexJet is a super compact trailer with a powerful pump suitable for professional unblocking and cleaning of drains and sewers up to 300 mm. The trailer is suitable for professional cleaning companies, councils, building contractors and water authorities.

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Intelligent design

Due to the streamlined and modern design, the FlexJet has a low air resistance. Thanks to the use of high strength steel and synthetic material the total weight remains low, making it possible to carry more water. The lightweight FlexJet can be transported by practically all types of vehicle and on a standard driving license. The FlexJet has excellent road handling and maneuvering abilities, thanks to its compact size. The hose reels are mounted at the perfect working height for ultimate operational comfort. The operator has full control of the FlexJet at the rear. The FlexJet has an integrated 400 litres water tank with a large tool box and lockable cover.

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Stable but flexible

The innovative construction of the water tank gives a stable road handling both when empty and full by preventing sway during driving. The trailer is very user friendly and is available in various pressure and flow capacities. As the name already indicates, this machine can be used flexibly and is well suited to drainage and surface cleaning.

The motor-pump compartment of the FlexJet is enclosed and supplied with flameretardant insulation material along with a special cooling system. The FlexJet is heavily noise damped. The cover can remain closed during operation and during transport, meaning the machine remains free from road dirt and salt.

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Specifications & documentation

Default Specifications

Operating range

Max 300 mm


Unbraked, with or without cover


Honda (15 kW / 20 hp)

Fuel tank

15 litres

HP pump Rioned/Speck

150 bar / 45 lpm

Pump protection


Pressure regulation

Type Speck with automatic bypass

Water tank

400 litres

Filling reel

35 metre NW 19

HP hose

50 metre NW 13

HP reel

Fixed, manually operated


On the engine itself, Rioned eControl+ optional


From 370 kgs

Dimensions (lxwxh)

2.815 x 1.375 x 1.320 mm


2 x 1/2" (1 open, 1 blind)

Standard accessories

Spray gun with lance


White (FM-1450)

Optional specifications

Remote control RioMote 5-Channel remote control system
RioPulse Pulsator Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
Pump protection Run-dry protection with overrun possibility
Extra HP hose length 60 or 80 metres NW 13
Fixed hydrant connection Fixed hydrant connection for rapidly filling the tank
HP reel Hydraulically driven
Second HP reel Second HP reel instead of filling reel
RioFree mechanical freewheel HP reel RioFree mechanical freewheel for uncoiling without resistance (only in combination with hydraulic HP reel)
Accessories Alloy wheels instead of standard wheels
Electric water level control Automatic system to open and close the filling line of your machine if the water has reached its minimum or maximum level in the tank

Product documentation

Download catalogue EN Flex Jet april22 (PDF, 655.021 KB)
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