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SKU: 20015300000
  • 110 bar / 10 lpm
  • Operating range from 25 to 100 mm
  • Electrical engine
  • Engine and pump 30 kg | Hose reel 26 kg

The MiniJet is a lightweight professional portable high pressure jetter and is perfect for utilizing in houses and offices.

Operating range 25 - 100 mm
Motor/drive Electric (1.8kW / 230V - 50Hz)
HP pump Rioned/Speck 110 bar / 10 lpm | 1600 psi / 2.2 gpm
HP hose 20 metres NW 8 1/4”coupling 10 metres NW 5 hose, 1/8”coupling
Weight Engine and pump 30 kgs | Hose reel 26 kgs
Nozzles 2 x 1/4” (1 open, 1 blind), 1 x 1/8” (open)
Standard accessories High-pressure gun with 600 mm lance, suction hose with filter
MiniJet + HD30 EN 2024 MiniJet + HD30 EN 2024 (PDF, 985.019 KB)

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Professional cleaning

The MiniJet utilises a powerful and silent 230V electric engine to deliver high-pressure cleaning at 1600psi @ 2.2gpm. Suited to use in domestic and residential locations, this lightweight unit is the ideal portable jetting machine for clearing blockages in pipelines with a diameter between 25 and 100mm.

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Detachable engine

With a compact design and dry weight of less than 60 kg, the MiniJet is easy to transport; even on the stairs or in a lift. The motor/pump is easy to unscrew and can be used independently of the reel with a small NW5 hose. If the workspace is limited, the hose reel can be left behind without compromising machine performance.

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