UrbanJet Premium Van Pack Jetter

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  • Compact dimensions
  • Suitable for compact drain jetting vans
  • Equipped with radio remote control eControl+ control panel with machine status indicators
  • eControl+ control panel with machine status indicators
  • Hydraulically driven high-pressure water hose reel
The UrbanJet Premium van pack jetter is ideal to use in 3.5 ton drain jetting vans and is available with an industrial, water cooled diesel or petrol engine to service pipes up to 350 mm.

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UrbanJet Premium Van Pack Jetter

The UrbanJet van pack jetter has been designed for residential and light commercial drain cleaning work in pipes up to 300mm. The fully featured, lightweight jetting machine is ideal for use in smaller commercial jetting vans and is considerably lighter than a CityJet van pack jetter.

What distinguishes the UrbanJet Premium from the UrbanJet is the reel. The high-pressure hose reel now pivots through 180 degrees for optimum working conditions in all circumstances. The electric locking mechanism on the hose reel is a major improvement in user-friendliness and safety. The RioFree freewheel system ensures that the hose reel can be coiled off without any friction of the hydraulics, this feature significantly reduces the effort required to operate the hose reel.

The high-pressure jetting hose fitted to the UrbanJet Premium is not only the lightest hose in its class, it also ensures minimum pressure loss thanks to the smooth inner surface and widened inner core. This also results in an increase of 12% effective working pressure at the nozzle.

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Product Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1305 x 1240 x 1195 mm
Remote control Optional RioMote 5 or 7 channel radio remote control
Fuel tank 30 litres
Pressure regulator Type Speck wih automatic bypass
Weight As from 440 kgs
HD-reel fixed, manual operation
HD-hose 60 metres NW13 (1/2")
Application range Max 300 mm
Color Blue cover, black frame
Attachments Spraygun and lance
Fillreel Optional 35 metres NW19
Water tank 600 litres, 2x 300 litres

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