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Affordable, lightweight and feature-rich

  • Operating range up to 350 mm
  • 600 litres water tank
  • Diesel & petrol engine
  • From 440 kg

The UrbanJet Premium is a lightweight, feature-rich van-pack jetter for light commercial cleaning in sewers and drains up to 350mm. What distinguishes the UrbanJet Premium from the UrbanJet is the hydraulically-driven hose reel that pivots through 180° to offer unrivalled user-friendliness. Driven by an industrial, water-cooled diesel or petrol engine, a compact frame and low-weight components ensure the jetter can be fitted in most small commercial jetting vans.

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The complete package

What distinguishes the UrbanJet Premium from the UrbanJet is the reel. The high-pressure hose reel now pivots through 180 degrees for optimum working conditions in all circumstances. The electric locking mechanism on the hose reel is a major improvement in user-friendliness and safety. The RioFree freewheel system ensures that the hose reel can be coiled off without any friction of the hydraulics, this feature significantly reduces the effort required to operate the hose reel.

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High pressure hose

The high-pressure jetting hose fitted to the UrbanJet Premium is not only the lightest hose in its class, it also ensures minimum pressure loss thanks to the smooth inner surface and widened inner core. This also results in an increase of 12% effective working pressure at the nozzle.

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Enhanced user safety

The new UrbanJet Premium features a 180° pivoting hose reel, allowing operators better access to the pipeline and features. RioSpindel hose guidance has been fitted to the base of the reel to minimise the risk of the high-pressure hose kinking and fraying as it is lowered into the pipe. The RioFree mechanical freewheel and a 5 or 7-Channel radio remote control are optionally available.

Safety features of Rioned equipment
E City Jet Single person operation

Single-person operation

To facilitate safe, single-person operation, the UrbanJet Premium is fitted with the award-winning eControl+ as standard. Full machine diagnostics are displayed at a glance on the unit’s LCD screen and LED warning lights, including working hours, engine RPMs, and eco functions. A user-friendly jog wheel ensures the eControl+ can be operated safely in all conditions.

Machine management systems
Urban Jet premium hose

Everything you need

The UrbanJet Premium is supplied as a complete operation-ready package. Equipped with 60 metres of MaxFlow lightweight jetting hose, a filling reel with 35 metres of NW 19 hose and two ½” compatible jetting nozzles, the machine is ready for operation as soon as it is handed over. Fixed suction venturi, spray gun, and lance attachments are also optionally available.

Specifications & documentation

Default Specifications

Operating range

Max 350 mm


Kubota diesel D1105 (18.5 kW / 25 pk) or Kubota petrol  industrial WG972 (23 kW / 30 pk)

Fuel tank

30 litres

HP pump Rioned/Speck
Kubota diesel D1105
140 bar / 70 lpm
200 bar / 45 lpm
Kubota petrol water-cooled WG972
200 bar / 55 lpm
Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Pressure regulation

Type Speck with automatic bypass

Water tank

600 litres (2 x 300 litres)

Filling reel

35 metres NW 19

Fixed hydrant connection


HP hose

60 metres NW 13

HP reel

180° swivelling, hydraulically driven


Rioned eControl+


From 440 kgs

Dimensions (lxwxh)

1.305 x 1.240 x 1.195 mm


2 x 1/2" (1 open, 1 blind)


Blue cover, black metal frame

Optional specifications

Remote control RioMote 5 or 7-Channel remote control system
RioPulse Pulsator Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
Anti-freeze tank 30 litre anti-freeze tank with circulation system to protect the high-pressure pump
Extra water tanks 2 x 400 litres or 4 x 300 litres water tanks instead of 2 x 300 litres
Extra HP hose length 80 metres NW 13
Fixed suction venturi Suction device for filling the tanks with surface water
Fixed hydrant connection Fixed hydrant connection for rapidly filling the tank
Second HP reel Second HP reel instead of filling reel
RioFree mechanical freewheel HP reel RioFree mechanical freewheel for uncoiling without resistance (only in combination with hydraulic reel)
Electric water level control Automatic sysytem to open and close the filling line of your machine if the water has reached its minimum or maximum level in the tank

Product documentation

Download catalogue UrbanJet EN 2024 (PDF, 1.03 MB)
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