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ProfiJet T4 2022

Clean, powerful and efficient cleaning

  • Operating range up to 600 mm
  • 600 litres water tank
  • Kubota diesel common rail turbo (33 kW / 44 pk of 49 kW / 65 pk)
  • From 800 kg

The ProfiJet T4 is the top model in our range of built-in machines, designed for long and intensive work. The ProfiJet is unprecedentedly user-friendly and offers a host of functions that enable you to work faster and more effectively. The eControl+ control box gives you all information on the status of your machine at a glance. The hydraulically driven HD reel swings out 90° and can also rotate 180°, ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas with little parking space for a van.

Kubota V2403 CR fuel efficient engine

Future-proof engine

The ProfiJet Tier 4 is based on the latest generation of diesel engines. The 44 HP and 65 HP Kubota diesel are equipped with built-in catalytic converter and self-cleaning diesel particulate filter (DPF) that minimises harmful emissions. With a capacity of 280 bar / 80 litres per minute or 160 bar / 130 litres per minute, the ProfiJet is up to the toughest jobs. House connections, street sewers and industrial drains up to 650 mm are cleaned effortlessly.

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Powerful yet compact package

The lightweight frame made of reinforced aluminium is compact, making the ProfiJet T4 ideally suited to most medium-sized vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter or Iveco Daily. Two separate water tanks of 400 litres each are connected to each other for stable handling and comfortable driving. The water capacity is expandable to 1,600- or even 2,400-litres. A hose length meter is part of the standard equipment, useful to see how far the hose is in the sewer or how many metres have been cleaned. A second high-pressure hose reel can be added to the machine to also clean smaller pipes with many bends

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Cooling of our engines

The engine of the ProfiJet Tier 4 (and our other diesel machines) is cooled by the rinse water from the tank. A special heat exchanger transfers heat from the engine to the water from the tank, which thus becomes a few degrees warmer. This way of cooling ensures that the machine is able to work much longer continuously. An additional advantage is that the rinse water becomes slightly warmer and cleans more effectively. Refilling the rinse water regularly in summer conditions ensures optimum operation.

E City Jet Single person operation

Remote operation

The award-winning eControl+ machine management system is fitted as standard to allow safe single-person operation at a distance from the jetting machine. This provides users with system information and diagnostics, including working hours and RPMs, at a glance. The RioMeter hose metre counter is also included as standard to indicate the length of jetting hose that has been deployed down the pipe.

Machine management systems


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Specifications & documentation

Default Specifications

Operating range

Max 600 mm


Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T (33 kW / 44 hp) or Kubota diesel common rail turbo V2403-CR T (49 kW / 65 hp)

Fuel tank

30 litre

HP pump Rioned/Speck
Kubota diesel common rail turbo
V2403-CR T
160 bar / 130 lpm | 2300 psi / 29 gpm
280 bar / 80 lpm | 4100 psi / 18 gpm
Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T
150 bar / 100 lpm | 2200 psi / 22 gpm
160 bar / 85 lpm | 2400 psi / 19 gpm
200 bar / 72 lpm | 3000 psi / 16 gpm
250 bar / 60 lpm | 3600 psi / 13 gpm
Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Pressure regulation

Type Speck with automatic bypass

Water tank

800 litres (2 x 400 litres)

Filling reel

35 metres NW 19

Fixed hydrant connection

Fixed hydrant connection for rapidly filling the tank

HP hose

80 metres NW 13, 80 metres NW 16 or 80 metres NW 19

HP reel

180° swivelling, 90° rotating, hydraulically driven and with RioFree freewheel


Rioned eControl+


From 800 kgs

Dimensions (lxwxh)

1.736 x 1.383 x 1.186 mm


2 x 1/2" (1 open, 1 blind)

Standard accessories

Spray gun with lance


Blue cover, black metal frame

Optional specifications

Remote control RioMote 7-Channel remote control system
RioPulse Pulsator Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
Anti-freeze tank 30 litre anti-freeze tank with circulation system to protect the high-pressure pump
Extra water tanks 4 x 400-litre water tanks instead of 2 x 400 litres
Extra HP hose length 100, 120 or 140 metres NW 13, 100 or 120 metres NW 16
Fixed suction venturi Suction device for filling the tanks with surface water
Second HP reel Second HP reel instead of filling reel
Radiographic control HP reel Coiling on and off via the radio remote control
RioSpindel RioSpindel automatic hose guidance on the first HP hose reel
Electric water level control Automatic system to open and close the filling line of your machine if the water has reached its minimum or maximum level in the tank

Product documentation

Download catalogue ProfiJet EN 2024 (PDF, 926.242 KB)