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The heavy-duty, high-capacity jetting trailer

  • Operating range up to 450 mm
  • 800 litres water tank
  • Honda petrol WG1605 (42,5 kW / 57 hp) or Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T (33 kW / 44 hp)
  • From 980 kg

The Rioned MultiJet is a high-pressure jetting trailer designed and built with the latest technology and is suitable for unblocking and cleaning of drains and sewers up to 450 mm. The powerful MultiJet is the quietest trailer-mounted jetting machine in its class thanks to the water-cooled diesel or petrol engine, special exhaust system and enclosed body.

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Maximum visibility

The MultiJet has two integrated 400 litres water tanks that are connected. The unique design and low center of gravity ensure excellent driving characteristics and road stability. When pivoted out, the hose reel remains within the machine body, maximizing obstructions into the road thus preventing accidents. The placement of the lights guarantee maximum visibility and safety.

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Frame and design

The new heavy-duty tow bar and chassis are built to withstand many years of intensive use, while the robust construction of the pivoting hose reel mechanism ensures trouble-free operation for the life of the machine. As with all premium Rioned machines, safety systems are fitted to maximize the longevity of the MultiJet’s major components.

The aerodynamic design of the MultiJet contributes to ensuring lower fuel consumption of the towing vehicle. Noise levels are reduced to an absolute minimum by the use of a heat exchanger system to cool the engine. Two integrated and lockable tool compartments provide ample storage space for tools and other equipment.

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New pivoting hose reel construction

The pivoting hose reel now pivots to over 90° + 180° and further from the rear of the machine for optimum working comfort under all circumstances. The hose reels are protected by the cover of the machine, further ensuring trouble-free working during periods of frost.

The high-pressure jetting hose fitted to the MultiJet is not only the lightest hose of its kind on the market, it also ensures minimum pressure loss thanks to the smooth inner surface and widened inner diameter. Due to the new hose, the effective output of the new MultiJet is further increased delivering more working pressure at the nozzle.


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Specifications & documentation

Default Specifications

Operating range

Max 450 mm


Braked, with soundproof cover


Kubota petrol WG1605 (42.5 kW / 57 hp) or Kubota diesel common rail turbo V1505-CR T (33 kW / 44 hp)

Fuel tank

30 litres

HP pump Rioned/Speck
Kubota petrol WG1605; or
Kubota diesel common rail turbo
V1505-CR T
150 bar / 100 lpm | 2200 psi / 22 gpm
160 bar / 85 lpm | 2400 psi / 19 gpm
200 bar / 72 lpm | 3000 psi / 16 gpm
250 bar / 60 lpm | 3600 psi / 13 gpm
Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Pressure regulation

Type Speck with automatic bypass

Water tank

800 litres (2 x 400 litres)

Filling reel

35 metres NW 19

Fixed hydrant connection

Fixed hydrant connection for rapidly filling the tank

HP hose

80 metres NW 13 or 80 metres NW 16

HP reel

180° swivelling, 90° rotating, hydraulically-driven


Rioned eControl+ or eControl Touch


From 980 kgs

Dimensions (lxwxh)

3.640 x 1.840 x 1.500 mm


2 x 1/2" (1 open, 1 blind)

Standard accessories

Spray gun with lance


Yellow (RAL 1032), Blue (RAL 5010) or White (RAL 9010)

Optional specifications

Afstandsbediening RioMote 7-Channel remote control system
RioPulse Pulsator Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
Antivriestank 30-litre anti-freeze tank with circulation system to protect the high-pressure pump
Extra hogedrukslanglengte 100 or 120 metres NW 13
Vaste aanzuigleiding Suction device for filling the tanks with surface water
Tweede HD-haspel Second HP reel instead of filling reel
Radiografische bediening hogedrukhaspel Coiling on and off via the radio remote control
RioMeter slangmeterteller RioMeter hose counter for displaying metres of hose in the pipe
RioFree mechanische vrijloop HD-haspel RioFree mechanical freewheel for uncoiling without resistance
Sproeibalk Spraybeam with rotating nozzles to remove oil pollution from streets
Toebehoren Alloy wheels instead of standard wheels

Product documentation

Download catalogue MultiJet EN 2024 (PDF, 772.511 KB)
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