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Rioned awarded patent for Riometer


A new machine option which informs users how many metres of hose are in use. That sounds useful. Last year, Rioned introduced the Riometer hose meter counter. The Riometer can be optionally ordered with Rioned CityJets and ProfiJets that are equipped with an eControl+ operator panel with a LCD screen. The number displayed on the screen indicates how many metres the jetting nozzle has travelled into the sewer. This significantly improves safety for the user.

And, as of now, Rioned also has an official patent for this unique option. We discussed this with Marc Soethout, the Head of New Product Design at Rioned.

Marc, congratulations on being awarded the patent! What is the process like for obtaining a patent?

“The process is quite laborious. We submitted the initial application back in 2016. You always have to apply for a patent or form of design protection in the development phase. Once the product is available on the market, you can no longer apply for a patent.

Octrooibureau Griebling submitted a description of the development process to the Netherlands Patents Office, which is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). They then investigate the matter and you have to supply all kinds of data, calculations and reports.’’

A patent is only awarded for a unique design. Can you tell us the most important reason why the Riometer qualified for a patent?

“Our measuring system and the way in which we convert the measurement data to metres of hose are extremely accurate; those are the unique features of our design. A further reason is that we use a contact-free measurement method. No measuring equipment is attached to the hose. The measuring system is fully embedded in the software. Those are the two main reasons that led to the award of a patent.’’

What was the original reason for deciding to offer a hose extension counter as an option?

“We developed this option to satisfy market demand. When we started on the project we immediately realised that it was unique! One thing led to another and we started the patent process.’’

When is this option required? What are the benefits for the machine's user?

“I think that it can benefit all customers, but it is particularly useful for customers who invoice per linear metre, or who often work on the boundary between private properties and municipal land. The use of the hose meter counter can pay dividends here.

In addition, the hose meter counter is particularly useful in long pipes and pipes that are only partially clean. A camera can be used to locate a badly blocked section in the sewer. The hose meter counter can then be used to rapidly get a jetting nozzle to the blockage.

The counter is extremely accurate; the maximum error over a length of 100 metres is only 2%. The counter can be reset to ‘0’ at any time, which can be useful if the machine is positioned at a distance from the sewer entry point.’’

Click the link here to view a film that presents all the options available with the eControl+ operator panel, including the hose extension counter.

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