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Rioned launch world's first all-electric van-pack jetter

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At this month’s Ro-Ka-Tech Exhibition in Germany, we launched our new all-electric, van-pack jetting machine. Heralded as “The Future of Sewer Cleaning”, the eCityJet is the world’s first fully electric sewer-cleaning machine for drains with a diameter of up to 350mm.


The new model includes all the features of the conventional CityJet van-pack but uniquely produces zero-emissions, therefore meets all current and future environmental standards and is ideal for contractors working in ultra-low emission zones.

Developed over several years at our manufacturing base in the Netherlands, the project has been a labour of love for Head of New Product Development Marc Soethout.

“The project was a big challenge,” says Marc. “Many of the technical solutions we came up with for the emissions were just not able to meet our standards. Of course, we did set the bar high for ourselves. By remaining critical and not making any concessions we have succeeded in creating this innovative product. A world first I am proud of.”


One of the key design requirements for the eCityJet was to match the performance of the diesel-powered model. The electric version produces an identical 3000psi @ 13gpm (200 bar / 60 lpm) and is therefore ideally suited for unblocking drains up to 350mm.

Weight and size were also a big consideration and the new machine is only marginally heavier than the conventional model. Depending on the selected battery configuration, the empty machine weighs approximately 600 kg. It is also similar in size to the diesel-powered CityJet, making it suitable for most mid-sized commercial vans.

Getting the best performance from the battery packs was one of the biggest challenges for Marc and his team. With fully charged batteries, the unit can handle up to 6 unblocking operations. The batteries are charged using mains power from an ordinary wall socket, meaning they can be easily charged during operational hours.


The eCityJet is one of three new models in the popular van-pack range. At last month’s CV Show in Birmingham, Rioned launched the 2019 emissions compliant CityJet Petrol. The company also recently announced the launch of the City Jet PTO (Power Take-Off), which utilises the power of the vehicle engine to drive the unit’s pumps.

Jan Pieters, CEO at Rioned, says that a company-wide philosophy to “prepare for tomorrow today” has put them at the forefront of developments in the industry.

“The market for sewer cleaning equipment is changing,” Jan explains. “New emission regulations have recently been introduced, and the ergonomic and safety requirements are getting stricter. That’s why we work with passion and dedication to adapt our product range to these changes.”

“We are proud to announce eCityJet, the world’s first full-featured machine that will allow contractors to work without concern in areas where special environmental measures apply, such as ultra-low emission zones and inner cities.”

For more information send an e-mail to info@rioned.com or get a quotation.

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