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The eCityJet in the field with Van der Velden Sewage Management


Last year, Rioned introduced the world’s first fully electric CityJet to the market. Soon after the introduction, Van der Velden Sewage Management, one of our oldest customers, trialled the new machine. They were very enthusiastic about this new, innovative and sustainable method of sewer cleaning and we collaborated with the company’s Amsterdam department to put the new jetter through its paces.

The test phase has now been completed and we spoke with Celestino da Cruz, a sewer technician at Van der Velden Sewage Management, about their experience of being the first to use the eCityJet.

Cleaning the sewer for two days without recharging

"The first revelation was the capacity of the batteries," says Celestino. "It is difficult to estimate in advance how many minutes you will effectively clean with high pressure on an average working day. Moreover, the activities vary considerably from one day to the next. We were slightly concerned beforehand whether the six batteries that power the eCityJet would provide sufficient operating time. But in practice that was better than expected. We were able to work with it for two full days (about 10 unclogging and cleaning jobs) without having to recharge it in the meantime.”’’

Charging time of the batteries

On the first day, there were five jobs. In total, about 450 meters of pipe were cleaned (mainly 125 mm diameter). Celestino says: "We started at 92% battery charge and ended the working day with 56% on the counter. The batteries were not charged until the end of the second working day when they were almost empty. Charging the batteries takes about seven hours before they are completely full and ready for the next job."

eCityJet is super quiet

"Another advantage is that the machine is considerably quieter than a machine with a diesel engine, which is an important factor, for example, when working in the evening or night hours. In addition, the power that comes out of the electrical socket is also a lot cheaper financially than fossil fuels that would otherwise have to be used.”


Every advantage has its drawback

The eCityJet demo is built into a fully-electric Mercedes eVito. This combination of sewer cleaning machine and van is therefore twice as environmentally efficient, and also allows you to distinguish yourself in the market. However, it also requires good planning because the eVito only has the battery capacity to complete 100 KM at the time. The good news is there is now a new van available with a larger mileage range.

“You also have to think carefully about what to take with you in the van, because the loading capacity of the eVito is not very large,” says Celestino. “It is a compact van, but with the HD machine, the necessary tools and the driver, the van was soon to its maximum weight. And then you also have very high regulations in Amsterdam."

Nice to be the first

"I can reflect positively on the tests with the eCityJet. It was very nice that we had this scoop and I have found working with the eCityJet very positive. It was great to work with a machine that does not produce as much noise as other sewer cleaning machines, whilst it is just as powerful and easy to operate. If you ask me, this is the future of sewer cleaning.”

We were delighted to undertake this collaboration with Van der Velden and greatly appreciate their valuable feedback. Has reading this story increased your interest in electrically powered sewer cleaning machines? Or do you have any questions about the new eCityJet? We are happy to discuss options available with you! Contact our sales department or take a look at the eCityJet product page on the website.

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