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The versatile jetvac combination unit

  • Openrating rang up to 650mm
  • 3.500 or 3.750 litres water tank
  • PTO
  • 4.800 kg

The Rioned FlexCom has been designed for use in built-up areas and in locations where larger vehicles struggle to gain access. The FlexCom is available with a range of options, mounted on a 7.5t Mitsubishi Fuso Canter or even a 10 or 12t Mercedes-Benz, DAF or MAN chassis.

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Flexible water tank capacity

The FlexCom has a water tank capacity of 3,500 or 3,750 litres depending on the chassis that the unit is mounted to. A sliding partition is available for larger 10 or 12-tonne models. Controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, this allows operators to change the capacities of the clean and waste water tanks to the preferred position on a job-by-job basis. A wastewater level indicator, comprising two long-sight glasses, is supplied as standard.

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One man show

With the included remote control, you start the engine, switch on both pumps and accelerate. The unique eControl+ with clear LCD display shows the status of the machine at a glance. With the rotary knob, you easily scroll through the menu; at the push of a button, you select the desired function. Integrated LEDs provide quick information and an hour meter, rpm indicator, dry-running protection, eco-function, service interval and various fluid and temperature warnings are also displayed on the screen.

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The FlexCom has been designed to ensure perfect weight distribution, resulting in stable road handling. This allows you to carry more water without compromising on space. It comes with large storage compartments on either side of the vehicle for storing accessories, suction hoses and other tools.

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User-friendly reels

The suction reel is connected directly to the tank and the 2 1/2” suction hose can be coiled and uncoiled using the hydraulic system. This feature allows the vehicle to be parked some distance from where you are working. The RioMote radio remote control system allows one person to operate the machine with ease from a distance. The pivoting high-pressure reel provides optimum ergonomics and ease of use. The reel features a new hose guide system (optional) and can pivot 180°. The control panel pivots with the reel, ensuring the best operating height and angle at all times.

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Vacuum pump

The FlexCom is equipped with a powerful, air-cooled, oil-lubricated Jurop PNR83 vacuum pump. This pump has a suction capacity of 8,200 lpm (492 m3 per hour). This pump makes it possible to cover lengths of 100 metres of hose.


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Specification & documentation

Default Specifications


7.5, 10 or 12 tons

Dimensions (lxwxh)

6.580 x 2.080 x 2.500

Empty weight

From 4,800 kg (depending on chassis)

Tank capacity

3,500 or 3,750 litres (depending on chassis)

Movable partition


Wastewater level indicator

2 long-sight glasses

Tank material


Tank opening

Fully opening rear door, manual or hydraulic


3” inlet, 4” outlet, 1” fixed hydrant connection



HP pump Rioned/Speck
150 bar / 100 lpm2200 psi / 22 gpm
160 bar / 130 lpm2300 psi / 29 gpm
200 bar / 72 lpm3000 psi / 16 gpm
250 bar / 60 lpm3600 psi / 13 gpm
Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Vacuum pump

Jurop PNR83, air-cooled, oil-lubricated (capacity 8.200 lpm, 492m3/hour, 0.8 bar suction / 0.49 bar pressure)

HP hose reel

80 metres NW 13, hydraulically-driven, 180˚ swivelling

Suction reel

25 metres 2.5” or 3” suction hose, hydraulically-driven

Filling reel

35 metres NW 19 filling hose

Motor and pump housing

Fully enclosed housing


Rioned eControl+

Remote control

RioMote 7 or 9-Channel remote control system


Toolboxes with hose storage boxes on top


Worklight and LED warning lights optionally available

Standard accessories

Nozzles, spray gun with lance, suction hose

Optional specifications

RioPulse pulsator system Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
RioMeter hose counter RioMeter hose counter for display of meters of hose in the pipe
Anti-freeze system 30-litre anti-freeze tank with circulation capability to protect the high-pressure pump
RioSpindel RioSpindel automatic hose guidance on HP hose reel
Remote-controlled pneumatic valve Airless valve to control the supply to the vacuum tank

Product documentation

Download catalogue FlexCom EN 2024 (PDF, 879.921 KB)
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