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Suitable for almost any commercial vehicle

  • Operating range up to 450mm
  • 1.500 litres (1.000 litres waste / 500 litres clean)
  • Honda petrol (18 kW / 24 hp)
  • 1.200 kg

With a contemporary design, the UniCom Basic is a true all-around jetvac combination unit ideal for high-pressure jetting and suction in city centres and in hard-to-reach places. House connections, sewers, grease pits and street gullies can be efficiently unblocked and cleaned with the UniCom. This modular combination unit can be fully customized with the specifications and options you require.

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Customisable design

The UniCom has a tank capacity of 1,500 litres - divided into 1,000 litres of waste and 500 litres of clean water - but can also be supplied with a different tank distribution depending on customer needs. The UniCom can be equipped with a wide range of options: from a radio remote control to a fully-hydraulic suction hose reel, the choice is yours. The Basic configuration features a 24HP Honda petrol engine and a simple hood above the engine and pump compartment. The tank is galvanized but can be painted in any colour to match company branding. All components of the UniCom are easily accessible for repair and maintenance work. 

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Compact and lightweight

Due to its compact design, the UniCom Basic is easy to mount on a 4.5 or 5.5-tonne chassis. The unit can also be mounted on a trailer or in a closed commercial vehicle. Thanks to its small dimensions, the UniCom moves effortlessly through busy city traffic, making it ideal for operation in urban and built-up locations.

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Whichever version you choose, the UniCom is ready to get your job done professionally. The tank door swings fully open, allowing operators to easily clean and unload the tank. The UniCom Basic is supplied with 60 metres of Rioned's NW13 high-pressure hose, two lengths of 3" suction hose and nozzles ready for immediate operation.


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Specification & documentation

Default Specifications


Trailer, 4.5 or 5.5 tons

Dimensions (lxwxh)

3,000 x 1,740 x 1,450 (excluding chassis)

Empty weight

From 1,200 kg (depending on chassis)

Tank capacity

1,500 litres (1,000 litres waste / 500 litres clean)

Movable partition


Wastewater level indicator

3" sight glasses

Tank material


Tank opening

Fully opening rear door, manual


3" inlet, 3" outlet


Honda petrol (18 kW / 24 hp)

HP pump Rioned/Speck

140 bar / 60 lpm | 2000 psi / 13 gpm
200 bar / 45 lpm | 3000 psi / 10 gpm

Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Vacuum pump

MEC 5000 (capacity 5,000 lpm, 300m3 per hour, 0.8 bar suction / 0.49 bar discharge) or GD SLS54V, air-cooled, oil-lubricated (capacity 5.400 lpm, 300m3/h, 0.8 bar suction / 0.49 bar discharge)

HP hose reel

60 metres NW13, 180˚ swivelling

Suction reel


Filling reel


Motor and pump housing



Rioned eControl+

Remote control

RioMote 7-Channel remote control system optional


Storage space for hoses in beams under the tank


Work light, beacon and LED warning lights optionally available

Standard accessories

Nozzles, 2 x 3 metre 3" suction hoses

Optional specifications

RioPulse pulsator system Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in pulses
RioMeter hose counter RioMeter hose counter for displaying metres of hose in the pipe
Anti-freeze system 30-litre anti-freeze tank with circulation option to protect the high-pressure pump
Extra drain valve Drain valve to empty the water tank quickly
Extra storage space May depend on the chassis

Product documentation

Download catalogue UniCom EN 2024 (PDF, 934.511 KB)
Uni Com Standaard CTA