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All-round jetting/suction unit for daily use

  • Operating range up to 650 mm
  • 3.000 litres water tank (2.000 litres waste / 1.000 litres clean)
  • PTO
  • 4.816 kg

The RioCom is Rioned's economical alternative to large combination vehicles. Ideal for operating in busy cities, low emissions zones and restricted access areas, the RioCom is compact, manoeuvrable and designed for everyday use at a low cost. The high-pressure pump offers jetting at 2200psi @22gpm, and when combined with a powerful Jurop PNR82 vacuum pump delivering 1800gpm, cleans the most polluted pipes, grease traps, water wells and flooded basements with ease. The RioCom is a true single-resolution vehicle for the drainage industry and has immediate availability.

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3.000-litre water tank

The jetvac unit has a separate tank with a capacity of 3,000 litres – 2,000 litres of waste and 1,000 litres of clean water. Both compartments are connected with a pipe that allows the entire tank to be filled with clean water, which comes in handy for larger flushing jobs. The tank has a fully opening door with a pivoting hydraulic high-pressure reel, a 3” inlet, a 4” outlet and a mechanical dirty water level indicator. The suction reel with approximately 17 metres of 3” hose is connected to the tank for immediate use.

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Single-person operation

With the included remote control you can start the vehicle engine, switch on both pumps and accelerate. The unique eControl+ system with a clear LCD screen shows the status of the machine at a glance. You can easily navigate through the menu with the jog wheel; at the touch of a button, you can select the desired function. Integrated LEDs provide quick information including working hours, RPMs, dry-run protection, eco function, maintenance and various liquid and temperature warnings, which are also displayed on the screen.

The jetvacs are sleek, compact and low weight. Operating single resolution units helps minimise downtime and speed operations.

Sapphire Utility Solutions launched its Waste Infra Network Services (WINS) contract with Severn Trent Water in 2021. As part of this, the handover of equipment took place at Donington Park in Derbyshire, which included five RioCom 7.5t jetvac units supplied by Rioned UK.

The decision to go with the compact 7.5t RioCom jetvac units was in part informed by these factors: “The jetvacs are sleek, compact and low weight. Operating single-resolution units helps minimise downtime and speed operations. Price was also a big factor when considering the options. And the fantastic turnaround time was a testament to Rioned’s level of service.”

Mark Jewell Head of Fleet | Sapphire Utlity Solutions

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Secure storage space

The RioCom has been designed as the ultimate single-resolution vehicle for contractors and has plenty of storage space to house PPE, tools and ancillary equipment including spring machines and inspection cameras. Lockable and shuttered storage can be found on both sides of the unit, with roller doors used for frequently opened cupboards to ensure the safety of operators and other road users.

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The RioCom is particularly versatile and can be used in places where larger combination units would struggle to access. Despite its small dimensions, the RioCom offers performance comparable to larger machines, with both the jetting and vacuum pumps able to operate at full power simultaneously. The vehicle can be driven without an HGV license by anyone who passed their test before 1997.

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The RioCom is built on a EURO-6 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7C18 chassis with a turbo, direct-injection engine. Utilising PTO (Power Take-off) from the vehicle’s engine to drive the high-performance pumps, the vehicle has been built to meet all emissions standards. The RioCom meets European directives and has European-type approval for operation in ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZ).

Specification & documentation

Default Specifications


7.5 tons Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 7C18

Dimensions (lxwxh)

6.260 x 2.080 x 2.488 mm

Empty weight

4.816 kg

Tank capacity

3,000 litres (1,000 litres clean / 2,000 litres waste)

Movable partition


Wastewater level indicator

Mechanical level indicator

Tank material


Tank opening

Fully opening rear door, manual


3” inlet, 4” outlet, 2” fixed hydrant connection



HP pump Rioned/Speck
150 bar / 100 lpm2250 psi / 22 gpm
200 bar / 72 lpm3000 psi / 16 gpm
250 bar / 60 lpm3600 psi / 13 gpm

Pump protection

Run-dry protection with overrun possibility

Vacuum pump

Jurop PNR83, air-cooled, oil-lubricated (capacity 8.200 lpm, 492m3/hour, 0.8 bar suction / 0.49 bar pressure)

HP hose reel

100 metres NW 16, hydraulically-driven, 180˚ swivelling

Suction reel

17 metres 3”, or 25 metres 2.5” suction hose

Filling reel

50 metres NW 19 filling hose

Motor and pump housing

Fully enclosed housing


Rioned eControl+

Remote control

RioMote 9-channel remote control system


Storage cabinets with roller doors on both sides of the tank, hose storage boxes


LED warning lights, reflectors, side protection

Standard accessories

Nozzles, spray gun with lance, suction hose

Optional specifications

RioPulse pulsator system Pump adjustment to send the water through the hose in bursts
RioMeter hose meter counter RioMeter hose meter counter for display of meters of hose in the pipe
Anti-freeze system 30 liter anti-freeze tank with circulation capability to protect the high pressure pump

Product documentation

Download catalogue RioCom EN 2024 (PDF, 833.917 KB)
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