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Stage V - The new standard


More and more European cities starting to ban diesel and all so called non-road mobile machinery has to comply to stringent emission standards. The new European Stage V norm (Tier 4 in the US) regulates emissions from off-road mobile equipment with the goal to improve air quality. The new regulations pose a big impact on our industry. Rioned is ready for the new era and provides a full range of products that comply with the latest standards; from the AquaJet with petrol engine up to our unique eCityJet that is the first machine with a zero-emission label.

Zero-emissions: electric CityJet

The eCityJet is the world’s first fully electric, compact sewer cleaning machine for drains with a diameter of up to 350mm. The new model includes all the features of the conventional CityJet van-pack but uniquely produces zero-emissions, therefore meets all current and future environmental standards and is ideal for contractors working in ultra-low emission zones.

Petrol, diesel or PTO?

Rioned offers all options and it depends on the type of work and personal preference of our customer which is best.

Air cooled Honda petrol engines are the driving force in the AquaJet and FlexJet. They are lightweight and Stage-V compliant. FlexJet and AquaJet are best suited for emergency situations in smaller sized drains.The new generation high quality Kubota petrol engines are water-cooled (less noise, better cooling!) fuel-injected industrial engines with 3 (WG-972) or 4 (WG-1605) cylinders. Machines with these engines are ideally suited for domestic and commercial premises, but also to clear drains from fat, oil and tree roots.


Diesel engines with less than 19 kW output are Stage V compliant. The UrbanJet that is equipped with this engine is a cost-effective alternative to clean house connections and take care of residential work efficiently. The ProfiJet Tier 4 is equipped with a powerful V-2403-CR diesel engine and is the ultimate solution in high pressure drain jetting. With no less than 130 litres per minute it is the most powerful (and complete) system in our range. The engine features a diesel particle filter and catalyst.


Many customers prefer the advantages of having an auxiliary engine that is better suited to re-chassis over a PTO solution that is easy to service, refill and operate. For a Mercedes Benz Sprinter we have developed PTO systems that take power from the engine of a van. Depending on the vehicle model a P45 or P52 pump can be driven by the PTO. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has a factory fitted PTO option and is the preferred vehicle for this type of jetter.


Do you want to receive more information about the alternatives? Please send an e-mail to info@rioned.com or contact your Rioned sales advisor, we’re happy to help you.

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