Duct Desilting 7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

SKU: dd-riocom
  • 3,000 ltr Water Tank (2,000 ltr waste / 1,000 ltr clean)
  • RioPulse Pulsator (jump jet)
  • eControl & RioMote Remote Control (optional)
  • Compact and Versatile Gully Tanker
  • Secure, Shuttered Storage

For contractors undertaking cable duct desilting and cleaning operations, the 7.5t RioCom combination unit offers a compact and versatile solution for high-pressure jetting and vacuum tasks. The powerful jetting capabilities (4000psi @ 12 gpm) are further enhanced with the addition of a RioPulse pulsator unit designed to improve the effectiveness of desilting longer cable duct runs up to 350m. The RioCom's impressive suction capacity is comparable with much larger jetvac units and means that heavy tasks such as manhole clearing can be undertaken alongside duct desilting in a single visit.

The RioCom is supplied with a radio remote control system that affords genuine single person operation with simple intuitive controls.

The RioCom is available with low-rate finance

Duct Desilting 7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

CASE STUDY: Jetvac Desilting Solution for MDL Plant Ltd

For MDL Plant Director Paul Snow, the RioCom has proved ideal for the firm’s work desilting and cleaning telecoms ducts ready for new fibre optic cabling. “On one occasion we cleared silt from a 350m line in a single run,” he explains. “The new fibre optic cabling is installed alongside the old copper infrastructure so we can’t use too much pressure without damaging the existing cabling. The RioCom is a fantastic bit of kit and we have about a 75% successful clear rate using the equipment, which is really good when taking into account the age and wear and tear on the ducts.”


Duct Desilting Jetvac Combi

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