Duct Desilting Jetter

SKU: dd-jetter
  • 3600PSI @ 13gpm
  • 150m Hose as Standard
  • 180° High-pressure Pivoting Hose Reel
  • RioPulse Pulsator (jump jet)
  • eControl & RioMote Remote Control (optional)

The CItyJet duct-desilting jetter is a specially modified low-weight, high-performance van-pack jetting unit producing pressure and flow up to 3600 psi/13 gpm. The jetter includes a Riopulse pulsator or jump jet system, which operates by creating a vibrating or pulsing action on the hose, minimises hose drag by reducing the surface contact, enabling the hose to be propelled further and faster into the duct. The standard duct-desilting jetter also includes 150m of lightweight hose that can be extended for cable duct runs of up to 300m.

CityJet jetting units can also be supplied with a range of alternative pressures and flows.

All units available with low-rate finance

Duct Desilting Jetter

CASE STUDY: Development of a Cable Duct Desilting Jetter

To meet the specific cable duct desilting requirements of the D&A Commercial Cleaning, modifications were made to the standard CityJet unit, including the installation of the RioPulse pulsator system for improved hose feeding and retrieval. Further modifications comprised installing 250m of 1/2” hose for better access and travel distance in the 50mm cable ducts.

“The results are 100% better,” explains D&A Managing Director Dave Angel. “We’re doing the work a lot quicker than before with the help of the Rioned system.”

Duct Desilting Jetters

desilting jetters

Desilting Jetter Van


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